Lesson Plan Format

A lesson plan format is a format in which the plan is prepared for a particular unit to be taught in the lesson. The lesson plan format consists of different components of teaching methodologies. During the preparation of a plan, one must keep in mind to set all the essential details in that format.

 A lecturer prepares a lesson plan in the style as per their teaching skills. The style of the lesson plan must be simple and easy to adapt. The lesson plan format consists of a unit name, start time, end time, aim, objective, academic activities, points to be covered in that unit. This makes it easier for the teacher, as well as students, to remember the important details of the unit.

 A lesson plan must include aim, objective, background understanding, list of material/resources, the procedure to be followed, evaluation, the time required for completion of the lesson, teachers activity, students activity, assessment of learning, assignments, life skills, and goals to be achieved at the end of the chapter.

 Lecturers decide the academic activities and homework to be given to students related to that unit well in advance. Teachers must know their students before teaching them to anticipate different learning styles. They also prepare the timeline of completion of the unit.

For every teacher, the primary aim is to teach effectively and to ensure that the learning process is efficient. For this, the students have to be engaged and motivated. An engaging lesson starts with an engaging plan.

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