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Tracking school performance and activities of children is no longer a task for parents. With Teachmint, parents can keep a check on their child's activities within a few clicks. Our mobile app for parents gives them the freedom to stay connected with schools anytime and anywhere. Earlier, parents had to wait for the Parent-Teacher meeting to know about their children and discuss how they are involved in the school activities. Moreover, they had to visit the school every time to know how their child is performing. All these hassles can be avoided, and parents can remain connected with the school management anytime with Teachmint. Get involved in your child's learning process in a few taps. Download the app now!
Why Teachmint?
Teachmint keeps parents connected to the ongoing activities in a school. Our parent app provides all crucial information in a few clicks. The app is easy to use and provides parents an opportunity to participate in the learning process of children. Get ready to experience the academic and non-academic achievements of your child with Teachmint. Improve your communication with teachers and school admins and monitor your child’s progress with our user-friendly app.
Get connected with the school management and teachers effortlessly with Teachmint. The main features of our parent app are:
  1. Multiple Languages
  2. Parents can choose their preferred language among English, Hindi, and other regional languages. It helps them overcome the language barrier and focus their attention on the holistic development of their child.
  3. User friendly
  4. The platform is user-friendly with easily understandable features. Teachmint provides the most feasible solution for parents and helps them understand the learning process of their child. The platform also provides insight into students’ attendance and other crucial metrics.
  5. Easy download
  6. The parent app can be downloaded easily on Android and iOS devices. It works well on both platforms and gives parents the access to remain connected with teachers at any point in time.
  7. Update and upgrade
  8. Parents can update the application to get new versions. With every update, new features are added to Teachmint.
  9. Safe and secure
  10. Teachmint uses the latest technology to protect the privacy of every stakeholder. The app is safe to use and provides parents the opportunity to be a part of the teaching-learning process for their kids.
  11. Multiple kids account in the same app
  12. Add more than one account in the same app if your kids are studying in the same school. Get insight into their daily activities and timetable with Teachmint.
Getting the most out of everything is basic human psychology. At Teachmint, we understand this human behavior and provide the best to our users. The major benefits of using our parent app are:
  1. View timetable
  2. Parents can view the everyday schedule of their child through Teachmint. The platform provides an insight into the school activities and helps parents remember important events.
  3. Track students’ activities
  4. Parents can check how their child is performing in the classroom with Teachmint. They can connect with teachers to understand their child's interest in academics and extracurricular activities.
  5. Stay connected with teachers
  6. Parents can use the app to remain connected with teachers and other staff of the school management.
  7. Real-time information
  8. Getting real-time information is critical in today’s world. With Teachmint, parents can get information on the real-time activities of their child. For example, they will be able to understand what the day will look like for their child by viewing their class schedule.
  9. Insight into schools’ activities
  10. Apart from getting information on students’ performance, parents can also know about the school activities with Teachmint. Teachers and admins can share direct information with parents. Moreover, the platform is a way to enhance parental engagement and make them a part of the decision-making process.
  11. Kid’s detailed exam report
  12. Keeping a check on the exam results is crucial to understand that your child is learning the right way. Get detailed performance reports of your child with Teachmint. Understand their learning process and help them excel in every field.
With Teachmint, parents can remain connected to ongoing school activities. Our platform enhances parental engagement and makes them a part of the learning process of students. With the right knowledge, parents can help their children in their personal and academic development.
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