Certificate Generation
Certificates are a symbol of recognition used to distinguish an achievement made by someone. Within the school system, certificates are awarded by an educational institution to the student to recognize an achievement that they have made. This can range from giving a student recognition for participation in a particular event to the transfer certificate they would require to apply for higher studies.
Traditional Certificate Generation
Most certificates in schools are created the traditional way - a printable template is initially created with blanks left for the names of the recipients of the certificate. The blanks are then manually filled with the names of the recipients. Sometimes the certificates are so generic that they do not offer much Teachmint has now made the process of certificate generation simple and efficient.
Why Teachmint?
Automatic Process
Making any process simpler involves the use of technology. Making the process of certificate generation accessible and easy to understand is much easier if the process is automated. Teachmint helps institutions create and print out certificates without having to manually create certificates from elsewhere.
Most certificates have the name of the school or college on them as a means of indicating that the student has received the certificate from a particular institution. With Teachmint, it is quite easy to personalize the certificate to the specifications of the institution by giving the institution the ability to add its own logo and students’ name and issue the certificate instantly.
Teachmint offers templates for institutions to choose from when it comes to issuing certificates like Bona Fide certificates, school leaving certificates, etc. This makes the process of certificate generation automatic and hence extremely easy.
Saves Time & Effort
The time required for creation and certificate generation is cut down drastically because the whole process becomes automatic. The idea behind using an automated system is that it makes everything simpler and as a result, the time and effort that would have otherwise gone into the manual process of certificate generation are now much less.
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