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School ERP Management

Make school management simple and efficient with the best school ERP software solution in the market today!

Best School ERP Management


Fee Management

Customize and simplify the process of fee collection, segregation, management, and issuing discounts as and when required

Attendance Management

Manage school attendance without taking up precious class time with an effective attendance management system in place

Admission Management

Track student inquiries offline & online, track potential leads at every stage, and create an admission portal with zero coding required

Transport Management

Plan out routes, manage staff, track the number of school buses plying, and their location with GPS, and more

Human Resource Management

Check staff attendance, and manage & monitor their leaves

Inventory Management

Keep track of all the items present at the school, categorize items as per utility/convenience, and purchase items as they run out

Communication Module

Send out announcements, conduct relevant polls, and conduct surveys

ID Card Generator

Generate ID cards for students and staff, customize them as per requirement, and easily rectify errors if any

Certificate Generator

Generate certificates & documents for students and staff, tweak the design as per requirement, and even design them from scratch

Exam Management

Schedule & plan exams for the entire year and print report cards seamlessly with minimal human involvement

Website Builder

Create and update the school’s website, customize it according to your requirements, and maintain it efficiently in-house without any knowledge of coding

School Yearly Calendar Planner

Plan the entire academic year in advance including weekly offs, holidays, school events & activities, and even exams


Automates School Administration

Just like managing any other institution or company, school administration has several variables involved that are interconnected with one another. Automating a large number of these tasks using software makes the job of every person in their respective administrative roles simpler, less resource intensive, and time-consuming.

Improves School Efficiency

With the use of Teachmint’s online school ERP software, the overall efficiency of each person in the school administrative system will increase overall. This is because of the lighter cognitive load on the administrators brought about by using an ERP system. ERP for schools not only helps administrators but also helps teachers and parents keep track of student attendance and performance on a regular basis.

Reduces Chances of Error

With a large portion of administrative tasks being taken care of by school ERP software, the chances of error reduce drastically. The use of software makes sure that there are no human errors in calculation or execution, which reiterates the previous point regarding improved school efficiency.

Simplifies Exam Management

Planning and scheduling exams is a major part of a school’s functioning. Teachmint helps digitize that process as well with our Exam Management System. It even helps automate the process of issuing report cards and sending them to parents as soon as the results are out. Teachmint goes as far as to make sure that the report card generated is NEP 2020 compliant by including grades for co-scholastic activities.

Teachmint strives towards making every school under its wing future-proofed and ready for any changes that may result from new regulations. With an effective ERP for schools, combined with a seamless school LMS in place, we make sure that all the stakeholders of the institution benefit from our services and improve their efficiency and everyday experience in school.


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