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What is an Admission Management Software?
Admission management software helps streamline the admissions process. The admission management software enables educational institutions to conduct student admission and enrollment procedures online. Students and parents do not need to stand in long queues for hours to take admission to the institution. Parents and students can use the admission management system to file an online inquiry of school admissions. Teachmint makes the process of admission easy for schools, institutions, and parents.
Admission Management Software for Schools
With Teachmint, educational institutions can automate student data and document collection, selection, and admission processes.
Teachmint offers best-in-class ERP solutions to educational institutions. Our ERP solution comes with a separate module dedicated to the admission management system. School admins can use this software to ease the admission process and provide a hassle-free experience to parents and students.
As schools are heading towards new academic sessions, the need for an online admission system has increased. Schools must give admission management software a try to streamline their admissions process. Provide hassle-free admission processes to every stakeholder with Teachmint.
Updating schools and other educational institutions with time is vital for their growth. Running the traditional admissions process takes a lot of time. Moreover, conventional admissions processes have lags and inefficiencies. Fortunately, school administration can solve the problems in the traditional admissions system through admission management software. This software is a preferred choice among various educational institutions. It is equally praised by school administrators and parents due to the convenience it offers.
Characteristics of Admission Management Software
Teachmint offers a host of features to educational institutions. The major characteristics of the admission management system are:
  1. Student data collection
  2. Educational organizations can collect and manage student information effortlessly with Teachmint. Now, admins don't have to collect the data of individual students manually. They can automate the data collection process with the admission management software.
  3. Document collection
  4. Admins can collect relevant documents from students with admission management software. Students can upload their information on the dashboard.
  5. Selection
  6. Educational organizations can generate merit lists to fasten the admission process and include top performers in the institutes. With Teachmint, educational institutes can get more learners through an automated selection process.
  7. Admissions
  8. Automate the admission process and prevent long queues at the admission desk with Teachmint. Get the answers to all admission-related queries on the same platform.
Benefits of Admission Management Software
With a host of features, Teachmint provides various advantages to everyone connected to the education system. Some key benefits of the admission management system are:
  1. Fast admission processes
  2. Teachmint helps fasten the admission processes. Schools, colleges, and educational institutions can avoid long queues at the admission counter with the admission management software.
  3. Better record management
  4. Educational institutions can avoid long and tiresome manual data management processes with an online admission system. They can store huge data files safely with the admission management software. Secure your students’ data efficiently with Teachmint.
  5. Inquiry management
  6. The online admission system allows educational institutions to handle admission inquiries effortlessly. They can reach out to more students and parents seeking admission to the institute.
  7. Aids information flow
  8. Providing the correct information at the correct time is crucial. With Teachmint, assign or transfer the inquiries to specific counselors or handle them yourself to make the admissions process easier.
  9. Reduced paperwork
  10. Avoid using piles of paper in the admission process. Admission management software reduces paperwork and promotes environment-friendly admission processes.
  11. Easy follow-up process
  12. Teachmint eases the follow-up process with interested candidates through calls. Educational organizations can set up a follow-up call with a single click. They can also add the admitted students directly to the student’s directory.
  13. Tracking the effectiveness of admission processes
  14. Track the effectiveness of leads and quantify the efforts of admission counselors with responses of students and parents. Keep an eye on the ongoing activities and track day-to-day admissions activities.
  15. Enhanced productivity
  16. The admission management system enhances the productivity of admission counselors and administrative staff. Increase the overall productivity throughout the institute with Teachmint.
  17. One-stop solution
  18. The admission management module is a one-stop solution for lead generation, admissions, and inquiries handling. Schools can reduce their dependency on traditional admission processes through this module.
  19. Customized admission forms
  20. With Teachmint, educational organizations can customize their admission forms as per their requirements without any third-party interference.
Say goodbye to the long waiting time at the school counters with Teachmint. Automate the admission process for a better enrollment percentage.
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