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Building an educational institution from the ground up takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Even though building the infrastructure of an institution is paramount to its eventual success, in this digital age, the website is the face of the institution. The first thing people search for when they hear about an institution is search for its respective website. So, it is crucial for an institution to have a well-built visually appealing website.
However, each institution will have its own vision of how its website should look and what function it is supposed to serve. In addition, a good website also adds to the overall credibility of the institution. Outsourcing this job would mean a constant back-and-forth between the people building the website and the management of the institution. This is where Teachmint comes in. With Teachmint, institutions can now build their own website in-house without outsourcing the job to a third party.
A website builder is a one-stop solution for institutions as they do not have to indulge in creating every single feature or segment of the website from scratch. Institutions can create a website with the website builder feature completely based on the institute's theme. They can set up their logo, and lay it out any way they see fit. They can add all the features or segments that would suit the theme or audience of that particular institute. With Teachmint, the website builder would allow institutions to select templates, graphics, and website themes in accordance with the institute type.
Use of a Website Builder
In general, a website builder allows anyone who has some basic knowledge of creating a website to have their website up and running in no time. So the advantage here is that the institution can build a website with a basic knowledge of web design. The website will serve not only as a means of projecting their brand image but also for the administration of the educational settings. It simplifies the task of manually creating each feature on the website, as it includes easy-to-use preset templates that have blocks for pre-loaded content. The templates include features such as blogs, web pages, home pages, contact pages, etc. Thanks to these preset templates, there is no need for an actual designer to be hired for the institute to create a website.
Instead of using HTML code for building the website (as is the norm), a website builder gives the institution tools that they can use to create tabs, buttons, and the layout of the website in general without having to learn it because the builder translates those actions and features into code for the institute. A well-built website will definitely bring more traction and reach to the institution. Once the website is created, it can then be managed by the administrator or the owner of the institute, along with other admins. Building a website for your institute has never been easier.
  1. Better Visibility
  2. An institute’s reputation and reach are directly related to the quality of its website with respect to the visual appeal as well as the content and its positioning on it. So building a website in-house with this knowledge would boost the institute’s stature along with its visibility.
  3. Hassle-Free
  4. Since there is no need for HTML code and other technical complexities related to coding like bugs, error codes, glitches, etc, using a website builder is quite convenient and hassle-free.
  5. Better Reach
  6. For all practical purposes, an institute’s website is its face on the internet. With Teachmint, you can build a website that can take it from the status of a ‘good’ website to that of a ‘great’ website. This can guarantee you a greater influx of visitors and hence, better reach.
  7. Cost and Time Effective
  8. Building a website is not an easy task without the help of a website builder. The institute would require a designer to create a basic layout of the website, after which they would have to hire a web developer to mold that website in that design. This would not only be time-consuming but also expensive because the institution would need to pay for each individually. However, with Teachmint, you will be able to do all the above functions in one go without having to hire either a designer or a web developer.
  9. Easy Customization
  10. Every institution will have its own idea of how its website should be, and rightfully so. The uniqueness of a website is what makes it stand out from the rest, and that depends on the institute’s needs. With Teachmint, customization of your website is convenient and effortless.
The website builder feature sorts out all the extra tasks that administrators could have gone through while creating a website on their own. It is a one-stop solution for institutions to create websites for the feasible functioning of the educational administration.
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