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Running an organization can be a challenging task when it comes to managing multiple aspects and functions within the organization. However, something that makes organizational management seamless is its structure & hierarchy. Especially, for educational institutions like schools, having a transparent and structured management system is extremely important. To ensure that the learners, educators, or any other stakeholder do not face any difficulty, it is crucial that the institution assigns duties and responsibilities accordingly. Here is when the idea of having user access management or user permissions comes into the picture. Having multiple admins means having different individuals for taking care of different functions. Teachmint helps educational institutions to manage the institute efficiently. Based on the roles and responsibilities you add or remove users anytime. You can also change their roles based on the requirement. You can also choose users who can access the data. Similarly, the admins can also restrict the data as to who can view, edit, or access the information. In short, Teachmint offers institutions the opportunity to modify their user permissions as per their requirements.
Need for User Access Management
The success of any organization depends on how efficient its workforce is. The structure and hierarchy of an institution are its backbones. User access management helps the institutions in keeping the workforce well structured, streamlines the complex processes, and ensures maximum output to the organization.
Different Types of Admins
  1. Super Admin
  2. A super admin can add multiple admins, they can assign different roles to different individuals when required. There can only be one super admin in one organization. A super admin can have a bird’s-eye view of everything that is happening in the institution. From tracking the total number of live classes being conducted in a day to checking the student attendance records, the super admin can ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. In addition, they can also make sure that every individual associated with the organization works efficiently and effectively.
  3. Admin
  4. An admin can keep track of all the activities happening in their vertical and make improvements if required. The admins can further delegate the work to different individuals like academic administrators, accountants, admission managers, etc. Being an admin reduces the workload and increases efficiency.
  5. Administration
  6. From fee management to admission management, the administrators of an educational institution play an important role in its growth and development. They are the backbone of the institution. As an admin, the administrators can maintain records, ensure their safety, and provide transparency to the stakeholders.
Need for User Rights Management
  1. Data Security
  2. In today’s time, the most important asset of any organization is its data. Be it data related to students, teachers, finance, or any other kind of information, all educational institutions want their data to be safe & secure. With Teachmint, the institutions can secure their valuable information by customizing the admin access. The option for user permissions ensures that data is only accessible to admins who actually need it. It also ensures that crucial information is not misused.
  3. Better Management
  4. Having multiple admins helps the institutions in allocating the work and responsibilities to various individuals. By customizing the user permissions, Teachmint aids the efficiency of the individuals by providing them the freedom of handling their section of work without any interference, hence, the organization observes a marked difference in the management.
  5. Quick Access to Information
  6. Having quick access to the data or the right information can truly change the functioning of any organization. With Teachmint, the stakeholders can access the required information at any point in time. By having set holders of responsibility, everyone can keep a track of their area of work. For instance, an accounts manager can check the payrolling updates, a receptionist can also keep a track of all the necessary information. In short, by customizing roles and user permissions, the management can access any crucial information whenever required.
  7. Transparency in Work
  8. Since different admins handle different verticals, there are fewer chances of any kind of conflict or confusion. Having multiple admins removes the dependency on an individual handling other verticals. A school principal can see the number of students present in the school currently, or track the average student attendance of a week, they do not need to connect with the teachers for the same.
  9. Monitor and Track
  10. The admins can monitor and track the work of various functions happening in the institution. They can monitor each and every vertical with ease. Tracking the performance & functioning further helps the admins in improving the work and taking the institution’s growth to the next level.
Benefits of User Rights Management for Different Admins
  1. Super Admin
  2. Super admins are generally the people from the top management and are an integral part of any educational institution. They need to make various decisions, give thousands of approvals, and keep an eye on everything that is happening in the organization. Teachmint aids their efficiency, as they can delegate various tasks to different admins and collect the required information whenever necessary.
  3. Admin
  4. The role of an admin is not limited to one or two particular tasks, they manage almost everything that happens in the institution. However, the tasks like tracking student accounts, teachers’ payroll, miscellaneous expenses, student performance, etc. involve multiple steps and approvals. Teachmint offers hassle-free user access management to the admins and makes their work effortless.
  5. Administration
  6. From maintaining student data like admission numbers, legal documents, etc. to executing the processes like fee management, and attendance management smoothly, the administrative work is full of lengthy processes. However, being an admin can make the work super easy by streamlining the processes and saving time. The admins can grant permissions to the other individuals, add new admins, and even remove the existing admins with the help of user access management. In short, user rights management can make institute management easy.
Having multiple admins is sure to streamline the operations and make the schools & institutes smart. With Teachmint, make the process of institute management effortless by delegating roles and managing user access.
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