Assigning tasks and homework to students is no less than a headache for teachers. Every time they need to find new topics before assigning the homework to students. This process requires time and effort from the teacher’s end. However, homework cannot be ignored as it is a critical part of students’ learning and growing process. Homework makes students learn the importance of time management. Also, it promotes self-learning in students by enabling them to spend time searching for quality content. With Teachmint, teachers can aid the learning process of their students. They can effortlessly assign homework to students in a few clicks.
Why Teachmint?
Checking the memory power of students is crucial to understand their learning curve. However, doing this manually can be tiresome for teachers. As a result, they require different methods to evaluate their students' understanding. Homework helps teachers assess students' performance and strengthen their relationship with their studies.
Teachers can make the process of assigning tasks to students easier through Teachmint. They can provide students with the best learning experience and check their ability to grasp content with the homework feature. Our platform helps teachers design homework in easy steps. In addition, they can also assign marks and share the tasks with students outside the classroom.
Teachmint makes the work easier for teachers and improves classroom performance with its homework feature. The characteristics of this feature are:
  1. Simple steps
  2. With Teachmint, teachers can create homework assignments in easy steps. They can upload files, type homework, and use the question bank to give assignments to students.
  3. Get access to the question bank
  4. The question bank comes with more than 20 lakh pre-loaded questions. Teachers can use the question bank to provide assignments to their students.
  5. Select the homework type
  6. Teachers can provide homework in two formats. They can either choose MCQ-based or subjective questions to check the knowledge of students. Moreover, they can add descriptions for the assignments.
  7. Set submission date and time
  8. Teachers can set a deadline for assignments with Teachmint. Working within the deadlines inculcates discipline in students and helps them understand the value of time. Moreover, teachers can also assign marks for the assignments.
  9. Add attachments
  10. Teachers can add attachments to homework documents. They can attach images and PDF files to the assignments through Teachmint. Teachers can add a maximum of six files of different formats like images, PDFs, and documents.
  11. Assign marks
  12. Teachers can assign marks to the homework using Teachmint. Allotting marks to the assignments will push students to perform better. Also, it will help them delve deeper into quality content.
  13. Share homework
  14. By making the assignments public, teachers can share the homework with students outside the classroom.
Teachmint offers various advantages to teachers and reduces their workload through the homework feature. The major benefits of this feature are:
  1. Understand the learning curve of students
  2. Teachers can understand the pace of learning of their students through Teachmint. With our homework feature, they can check the learning process and retention power of students. If teachers find a gap in the learning process, they can modify the teaching methods to help students make the most out of their learning.
  3. Check memory power
  4. Homework can be considered a tool to check the retention of students. If students can memorize a concept and learn its application in real scenarios, they are ready to take on the challenges of the professional world. Moreover, studying at home motivates students to study harder using quality content. Also, they develop the ability to segregate relevant information from offline and online learning resources.
  5. Access to quality content
  6. With the availability of a question bank, teachers and students get access to quality content. Teachers can use this content to design tests and homework. Likewise, students can also use a question bank for revision purposes.
  7. Improve discipline
  8. Homework guides students to complete their tasks within a deadline. As a result, they learn to value time and work on improving their time management skills.
With Teachmint, teachers can improve the classroom performance of students by providing them with relevant information. Moreover, they can check students' performance and retention power through the homework feature.
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