Private and Classroom Chat
The private and classroom chat helps to build an online community, where students and teachers can stay connected. The private and classroom chat feature allows students to clear doubts. Students and teachers can also attach media to their messages - it can be an image, audio, or a pdf file. They can add media attachments along with their messages for more effective communication. The private chat feature puts out a more personal space where two individuals in that classroom can communicate regarding different activities in that class. With Teachmint, teachers can communicate important announcements instantly to the class through this feature.
Why Teachmint?
On Teachmint, the private and classroom chat features provide an efficient model for communicating within the class. It is convenient, easy, and comfortable for both teachers and students. The chat feature is a dynamic way through which students and teachers can communicate and clear doubts during an online class. It is not feasible for teachers to unmute all students at once, here the chat feature enables students to put their perspectives or doubts on the chatbox. Any message put on the classroom chat can be viewed by any student or teacher who has access to that class.
Benefits of Private and Classroom Chat
  1. Better Communication
  2. One important benefit of private and classroom chat in an online classroom environment is that it creates better communication between the students and teachers. The online chat feature enables students to communicate with each other regarding all class activities. It also enables shy students, who might not be comfortable unmuting themselves in a classroom environment, to communicate via text.
  3. Increases Collaboration
  4. The chat feature increases collaboration as students can now connect better with each other. Collaboration is an important skill that everyone needs to have in a healthy classroom environment. An online chatroom gives students the ability to keep in touch with everyone in class which, therefore, fosters camaraderie between students and the teacher. Students can interact and connect with their teacher or other classmates regarding homework, projects, or other classroom activities.
  5. Reminders and Announcements
  6. One of the benefits of using the chat feature is that it can help make instant and easy announcements. For example, when a teacher needs to make an important announcement, it can be sent through the chat room feature. These can be announcements related to projects, assignments, classwork, or homework which can then be instantly communicated to the students.
  7. Efficiency in Virtual Learning
  8. The chat feature brings efficiency to virtual learning as it lets students and teachers communicate better which brings efficiency to the teaching and learning process. It bridges the gap between the students and teachers as it gives them a platform to ask and clear doubts for each other. The chat feature enables the passing of important and relevant information to all students enrolled in that particular class. It is very difficult to maintain communication in an online or virtual learning environment, yet the chat feature helps students and teachers to stay connected in this virtual learning scenario, they can communicate and clear doubts instantly.
Communication in the learning process is paramount, and the easier the communication between the different levels is, the more seamless the information transaction will be. The private and classroom chat feature ensures that there is greater collaboration and engagement in the process of virtual learning - which are quintessential in both the teaching as well as a learning process.
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