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Fee Management System Software

Make fee management effective, efficient, and easy with Teachmint's Fee Management Software. Automate and simplify the entire process of fee management.

Best Fee Management Software


Easy & customizable receipts

The fee receipts are available in multiple layouts and can be customized too. The fee receipts are generated automatically upon online payment. In offline payment, as soon as admin marks the fee as collected, the receipt is auto-generated .

Customized Fee Structure

Create a school & class-specific fee structure with one-time and recurring fee categories.

Flexible Discounts

Create customized discounts to cater to section-wise, student-wise requirements.

Customizable fines

Create customized fines to cater to section-wise, student-wise requirements

Split Payment

Flexible fee collection options with the ability to have multiple bank accounts receive payments according to school’s requirement.

Integrate Payment Gateway

Integration with financing options and the ability to pay online using the app enhances parents' experience.

Insightful Reports & analytics

Teachmint fee management software includes comprehensive standard reports on the fees paid, due, and discounts across classes, sections, and time periods. The system offers the ability to users to build custom reports quickly.

Timely Reminders

Send and receive timely reminders regarding the next fee installment, absence of payment, the due date, etc.

Role Based Access

Role-based access & rights to the fee management system ensure that information integrity is maintained.


Teachmint is the best fee management software available in the market – its features make it convenient for use among all the different stakeholders of the institution. Some of these are mentioned below –

Saves Time

One of the most significant advantages of the use of Teachmint is automation. The benefit is that the time required for operations is reduced drastically. Fee management is an arduous task involving many variables; having suitable software makes it simpler and more efficient.

Cost Effective

One of the critical factors affecting cost is process efficiency. The more sophisticated the fee management software is the more efficient the overall process. So, the process becomes more cost-effective because the manpower involved is significantly reduced.

Minimizes Errors

With reduced human involvement becoming the norm through automation, the possibility of manual errors is practically zero. This makes Teachmint fee management software so important - it reduces the error involved and ultimately benefits the school with financial gains.

Provides Timely Reminders

Sometimes, parents can be distracted by everyday tasks and work and need to remember to pay their ward's fees. The Fee Management software has a simple solution for this - send reminders. The fee alerts can be configured so that whenever the due date is near, an automated message is sent.

Offers Installment Options

The capacity of one student to pay fees is sometimes different from others. This can be resolved by assigning different fee installment options for students according to their capacity to pay. Tracking different data sets and organizing them can be tricky, which is made substantially more straightforward with the help of Teachmint fee management software.

Creates Customized Fee Reports

The fee reports help school admins get an overall view of the school finances. Automated, accurate reporting also solves issues arising out of data redundancies.

Fee management is a complex process involving many variables, and managing all of them is labor-intensive. Teachmint helps schools take such complex, nuanced tasks and complete them easily.

Fee management is a complex process involving a lot of variables and managing all of them can be quite a labor-intensive process. Teachmint helps schools take such complex nuanced tasks and makes them easily digestible and helps coordinate the activities effectively.


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