Live Class Recording
There is no getting around the fact that live online classes are the future of education. They have become so important in the grand scheme of things that a world without online learning venues seems almost alien in today’s scenario. Live online classes are definitely the way to go - but they can be made better with the help of tools that assist in the process. One such tool that can help steer clear of any possible difficulties that might arise in the online learning space, and which can aid students and teachers in academic acumen is the Live Class Recording feature.
Importance of Live Class Recording
As the name suggests, a live class recording is a recording done of a live class that a teacher has taken. This feature is extremely useful for students and teachers. It helps revisit a class that the students could not take because of a leave of absence or some other form of inconvenience. It helps teachers by reducing the workload on their part in terms of how much attention they need to give to each individual student. The recorded class will be visible under the ‘Recordings’ section of the classroom on Teachmint. However, that’s not all. There are a lot of benefits that come with the Live Class Recording feature of Teachmint, which are explained in detail below.
  1. Revision
  2. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Live Class Recording feature of Teachmint. The teacher can save the recording of the class on Teachmint itself, hence making it easier for the students to find it and access it. Therefore, if a student wants to revise a particular topic, instead of laboriously going through the whole topic once again, they can just listen to the recording of the class they attended to brush up on the subject. The more you revise a particular subject, the better you get at it - and with Teachmint’s Live Class Recording feature, revision has taken the digital route too.
  3. Lesser Teacher Burden
  4. The burden on the teacher has been reduced significantly thanks to the Live Class Recording feature. Since the class that they took has been recorded already, if the students find any difficulty in understanding any part of the subject, they can always go back to the recording and clarify them. This reduces the workload of teachers manifold because if it were not for this feature, teachers would have to clarify doubts again and again on a topic that they have already explained. This gives teachers more time to spend on themselves, note preparation, individual student assistance, etc.
  5. Speed Things Up
  6. When speedrunning through certain topics during revision, the student might just want to listen to the main points of the lecture and not listen to the entire lecture at the pace at which the teacher initially taught. Teachmint’s Live Class Recording feature can help students playback the recorded video at a faster pace specifically for this purpose - to aid in going through all the important points in a short period of time.
  7. Prompts Class Preparation
  8. If the teacher decides to take the recording of a class, that decision would be premeditated, and so, the teacher would come prepared for it. This means that the overall quality and understandability of the class would be significantly improved, which would make it easier for the students to learn.
  9. Last-Minute Help
  10. Some students might not find time to study a particular subject due to a tight schedule, or they may move one particular topic to the end to study later. With the help of the Live Class Recording feature, Teachmint makes sure that no student gets left behind as a result of their studying practices. Students can go through the recorded class and learn the concept much quicker than if they were to study the same topic the traditional way.
  11. Better Note Preparation
  12. Some students prefer studying using the notes that they themselves have prepared. However, they might not be able to keep up with the pace of a particular class and miss out on important information, and since they use their own notes to study, this can affect their performance substantially. Teachmint’s Live Class Recording feature makes sure that the students can revisit the class and prepare their notes more efficiently and thoroughly than ever before.
Teaching and learning are fast adapting to the breakneck pace of the digital world they are breaking into, and as time flies by, each and everything that used to define a traditional brick and mortar school is becoming more efficient and intelligible online. Teachmint is at the forefront of this proselytization accelerating its progress, and making sure that each and every student not only gets what they need, but what they deserve.
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