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The first thing that’s needed for a smooth teaching-learning process is good study material. Apart from conducting classes, sharing helpful study material remains the biggest responsibility of the teachers and they often spend too much time in the process. Sharing the right information at the right time is crucial for the teaching process. Here’s where Teachmint can help teachers and students. Teachmint’s study material feature helps the teachers share useful study resources like images, videos, documents, etc. with the students. It also offers students a wide range of study materials, and learning resources designed by their educators to help them perform better.
Share Study Material Instantly with Teachmint
With Teachmint, teachers can share the study material or learning resources in a few simple steps. Go to your online classroom, click on study material, click on add study material, choose the type of material you wish to share(images, documents, videos, etc.), add the title or description if you wish to, click on create and save, and done! With Teachmint, teachers can also edit the study material later if they wish to. They can make the resources public or can share them individually with the students. Teachers can also see the number of views that the study material gets. In addition to sharing the study material on Teachmint, the feature also helps them in sharing the study material link across other platforms.
How can Good Study Material Help Students?
The motive of all the learning resources or study materials is to simplify learning for the students and make it fun. Teachmint helps the students in accessing all the helpful study material shared by their educators in one place. Study material supports students by providing them with a vast range of information related to a similar topic they are studying. Students can use multiple examples to understand a single concept. They can choose their preferred type of study material as these learning resources come in all forms.
Why Choose Teachmint?
Teachers can make their teaching style more effective by sharing the relevant study material with the students. Teachmint helps teachers in sharing interesting and engaging learning resources with their students that too in multiple formats.
  1. Upload Images
  2. It is observed that students find it easy to learn with the help of visual content like images or videos rather than plain text. The study material feature of Teachmint allows the teachers to upload and share images with their students. Using the feature, teachers can instantly share any relevant image with the students to help them in understanding the concepts better. For instance, if a teacher is conducting a lecture on the difference between xylem and phloem, then they can share a picture representing the difference between the two. In short, teachers can make the lessons more engaging with the help of Teachmint’s study material feature.
  3. Share Youtube Videos
  4. Videos are the most effective way to consume content or even learn from that content without getting bored. Students would rather prefer to watch videos for an hour then read a book for ten minutes. With the help of Teachmint’s study material feature, teachers can combine learning and fun. They can share relevant youtube videos with the students. Sharing Youtube videos is an excellent way of ensuring student learning, and Teachmint makes it easy.
  5. Create and Share Videos
  6. Different teachers have different ways of teaching. Teachers often need to upgrade their teaching strategies as per their students’ learning requirements. With Teachmint, teachers can record good quality videos and share them with their students as and when required. The students will be able to access the videos shared by their teacher at any point in time.
  7. Upload Documents
  8. With Teachmint’s study material feature, teachers can share important documents with their students. It makes the study process easier as students do not need to struggle to find the documents on multiple platforms. Teachmint ensures that the documents do not get scattered and teachers can carry out the classes more efficiently & effectively.
  1. Quick Access to the Learning Resources
  2. Students often struggle to find the right study material at the last moment. They end up switching between tabs and may appear for the exams unprepared. With Teachmint’s study material feature, students can access the helpful study material created by top educators. By following the material dedicatedly, students can improve their performance & easily ace their exams.
  3. Multiple Learning Resources
  4. Learning from the same notes can become quite boring for the students. However, with Teachmint’s study material feature, students can learn using various resources like pdfs, assignments, videos, question banks, etc. Teachmint ensures a quality learning experience for the students by providing them with learning material created by highly experienced & skilled teachers.
  5. Cost-Effective
  6. Using Teachmint’s study material feature, teachers can share the learning resources online. As they do not need to provide printed study material, it saves money and promotes sustainability.
  7. Flexible Exchange of Information
  8. Teachers have limited time in a traditional classroom. If they find something extremely relevant after the lecture or class ends, they need to wait for the next day to share that information. However, with Teachmint, teachers can share the resources anytime they wish to. Similarly, the students can also access the study material at any point in time. In a nutshell, Teachmint’s study material feature supports a flexible teaching & learning process.
  9. Time Management
  10. Teachers are often troubled by the limited time duration of the classes. In such cases, saving time in sharing the study material process can be extremely helpful. Teachmint helps the teachers in saving time as they can share the learning resources online at any point in time.
Teachers and students can use the learning resources to ace their respective roles. In a nutshell, Teachmint makes the teaching-learning process effortless for both educators and learners. To ace the teaching-learning journey, download the app now.
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