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When starting their learning journey, the first thing students need is good learning resources. The most fundamental lesson that the teachers teach their students is the importance of practice. In order to ace their examinations, students need to practice thousands of questions that are relevant to their subject. Attempting practice questions requires a lot of time & effort. Students often spend a majority of their time in looking for the right resource that they can trust.
Why Teachmint?
Teachmint offers a collection of important practice questions that help the students in getting a better hold on their learning. The platform offers a solution to learners at all levels. Be it the students of class 1, 5, or 10 , be it engineering, banking, or medical aspirants, Teachmint provides a one- stop solution to all the learners.
Characteristics of the practice questions feature
  1. Course-wise practice questions
  2. Every course has a different curriculum, hence students need to choose the questions that are exclusively related to their course. However, while looking for practice questions the biggest hurdle that learners face is finding the practice sets fully based on their course. With Teachmint, students can access unlimited number of questions that are relevant to their course. This not only saves their time, but also maximizes their efficiency.
  3. Class-wise questions
  4. When we talk about practice, the process is important, however, doing it the right way is more important. The internet is full of resources, but, choosing the correct learning resource is crucial for the students in order to ace their exams. Rather than confusing the learners with multiple questions of different levels, Teachmint provides them a collection of class-wise questions. The learners can easily select the standard and they will get an entire repository of helpful questions.
  5. Subject-wise questions
  6. Imagine a student preparing for medical exams, now what if they want to practice the questions related to Chemistry. They will download a question paper, move back and forth to find the Chemistry questions, and end up spending hours on the task. Teachmint makes the entire process easy. With Teachmint, students can access the questions as per their subject requirements as the platform offers a collection of subject-wise questions. From Chemistry to Accountancy, Teachmint has practice questions for all subject.
  7. Topic-wise questions
  8. There are a few topics that we can understand quickly, however some concepts need constant revisions and practice. In such situations, having access to concept-wise questions is extremely helpful. Teachmint helps the learners in choosing the exact concept they want to practice, for instance, if a student want to learn trigonometry for class 10th, they can search for: Class 10, Trigonometry, Mathematics.
  9. Instant evaluation
  10. Instant grading helps learners in acknowledging their mistakes at that very moment. Knowing the mistake at an early stage can prevent students from repeating the same mistake everytime. Teachmint offers the students an instant grading feature, using which they can easily get to know about their right and wrong answers.
  11. Instant solutions
  12. In addition to acknowledging the mistake at the right time, knowing the correct answer is equally important. Teachmint helps the students with the right answer as soon as they submit the answer. In case their answer was right, it enhances their confidence, and in case the answer is wrong, it helps them in acing their preparation.
  13. Share question links
  14. There are times when students don’t get an answer to the questions. How easy it would be if they could share the question with their friends or teachers in seconds. Well, with Teachmint, sharing the question in seconds is possible. Students can simply share the link to the questions on different platforms. They can also share the questions with their teachers in case required. The features enhances their efficiency & productivity.
  15. Download E-books
  16. In addition to all the other features, Teachmint offers the students a collection of e-books. Students can download the books as per their requirements. They can download the entire book at once, or they can choose to download a specific chapter of that book. Teachers can also download these books in case needed. In short, Teachmint is a one-stop solution that fulfills all the requirements of the learners.
They say that ‘practice makes a man perfect’, but practice makes a man perfect only when it’s done in the right way and with the right resources. Teachmint has a repository of lakhs of helpful questions. To upgrade your learning game, download the app today.
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