The teaching process does not stop with providing essential skills to students. That’s only half of the journey. In addition, teachers need to evaluate if their students have learned and understood the concepts. Teachmint makes the evaluation process easier for teachers. With its test feature, teachers can check the progress of their students. Evaluating students' performance helps them understand the learning and skill gaps. After assessing the learning curve, teachers can tweak their teaching methods accordingly. Earlier, teachers used to spend a lot of time designing the question papers for class tests and final examinations. Today, they can use Teachmint’s test feature to create tests in just a few steps. With this feature, they can conduct formative and summative assessments of students effortlessly.
Why Teachmint?
Providing the best experience to students is vital for their overall growth and development. Moreover, evaluating their knowledge is also a part of the learning journey. However, selecting the right questions, creating a question paper, and conducting examinations consume a lot of time. In addition, it burdens teachers with added responsibilities. Now, teachers can reduce their workload by adopting the test feature of Teachmint.
With Teachmint, teachers can create tests for easy evaluation of their students. The process is simple and can be completed in a few steps. Be it topic tests, quizzes, or mock examinations. Teachmint offers various test options and helps teachers engage effortlessly with their students. As a result, teachers can analyze students’ performance and provide their undivided support and attention with Teachmint.
Benefits of the Test Feature
Teachmint’s test feature helps both teachers and students. Let us look at how it makes students’ evaluations easier.
  1. Create tests effortlessly
  2. Teachers can create tests in three simple steps. They can use the test feature to conduct MCQ-based and descriptive tests. Teachers can select the course, class, and subject for which they want to create tests. Then they can choose a particular topic and number of questions for easy, medium, and hard categories. That’s all they need to do to generate tests and evaluate students’ performance through Teachmint.
  3. Add or upload questions
  4. Teachers can add or upload questions in multiple ways. They can upload PDF files, type the questions, or use the question bank to create tests. Teachers can ease the process of conducting examinations with Teachmint.
  5. Easy evaluation
  6. Evaluate the progress of students with auto-graded tests by Teachmint. Teachers can share the results as soon as the exam gets completed.
  7. Access to question bank
  8. Teachers can access pre-loaded questions in the question bank to design tests. The question bank comes with more than 20 lakhs pre-loaded questions to ease the burden on teachers. It covers various boards and competitive exams. Teachers can test the understanding of their students in more than one way with Teachmint.
  9. Preview test
  10. Teachers can preview the test before releasing it to their students. They can add or delete questions and make changes to the test format. Also, teachers can define test instructions, set exam duration, schedule tests, and publish results with Teachmint. To ensure students do not cheat in the examination, teachers can shuffle questions with Teachmint’s test feature.
  11. Improve student performance
  12. Help students prepare better for different examinations by monitoring strong and weak test topics. Also, understand their needs with advanced analytics by Teachmint.
  13. Conduct competitive level exams
  14. Teachers can conduct competitive-level exams easily with pre-loaded question banks. Conduct tests in various formats like MCQ, subjective, true and false, fill in the blanks, assertion and reasoning, etc. with Teachmint.
With Teachmint, teachers and students get the best teaching and learning experiences. Moreover, the experience is built keeping teachers in mind. It not only makes the work easier for teachers but also helps students evaluate themselves. Students can understand the gaps in their learning and get motivated to perform better in the future. Likewise, teachers can use the platform to shape the learning journey of their students. They can give the best experiences to their students with Teachmint.
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