Communication Module
Providing accurate information to every stakeholder is critical to run an institute perfectly. Every educational organization processes a lot of information to provide accurate details to all stakeholders. Effective communication is vital to enhance transparency within schools and colleges. However, many educational institutions follow the traditional way of sending information to students and teachers. They put up a notice on the notice board leading to wastage of paper and time. School admins can eliminate all these hassles by adopting Teachmint. With Teachmint, school admins can avoid confusion and communicate with students, parents, and teachers in a few clicks.
Why Teachmint?
A delay in providing accurate information to students and teachers may affect the functioning of the school. Teachmint understands the importance of timely communication and ensures that the right information reaches everyone on time. Our communication module enables school admins to reach teachers, parents, and students in a few clicks. Now school management doesn’t need to follow the brick-and-mortar system to communicate with different stakeholders. Moreover, they can reduce paper wastage and misinformation with Teachmint.
Teachmint makes communication effortless for all the stakeholders. The main features of our communication module are:
  1. Announcements
  2. Admins can easily send announcements to teachers and students via push notifications. Moreover, they can check the timeline of the messages. A dashboard containing the list of messages sent to date will appear before the admins.
  3. Polls and Surveys
  4. Admins can conduct polls and surveys with teachers and students with Teachmint. It will help them understand the views and concerns of the stakeholders inside the school campus. Moreover, it will help them make better decisions.
  5. Stay Connected with Parents
  6. Teachmint allows school admins to be in touch with parents. They can send crucial information to parents in no time. As a result, parents are informed about the ongoing activities within the school campus.
  7. Seen and Unseen
  8. Admins can see the number of seen and unseen messages sent by them. It will help them monitor the efficiency of the messages. All stakeholders can take the benefits of seamless communication with Teachmint.
  9. Simple Format
  10. Admins can send messages in a few clicks. The message format is simple and requires details like the title and body of the message. Admins can fill in the required details and add the required files if any. They can upload the files in PNG, JPEG, MP3, or MP4 formats.
  11. Easy Segmentation
  12. Admins can select individuals or a group of individuals to whom the messages are directed. Send messages to people who need the information at the earliest with Teachmint.
  13. Web and mobile app notifications
  14. Messages can be accessed through a mobile app and web portals. Do not miss any important detail with Teachmint.
Teachmint offers numerous benefits to an educational organization. However, the significant benefits of our communication module are:
  1. Improves efficiency
  2. Teachmint improves the overall efficiency of schools and colleges. It enables the admins to see who has read their messages. Also, they can send specific messages to specific individuals.
  3. Simple
  4. The communication module is a simple solution to streamline the processes within the organization. It helps admins to send crucial messages to teachers and students via push notifications.
  5. Eliminate misinformation
  6. As admins can share accurate information in real-time, it eliminates the chances of miscommunication and misinformation. Moreover, schools can prevent crowding near notice boards by sending digital messages.
  7. Better decisions
  8. As the communication module improves transparency and ensures a smooth flow of information, it helps in better decision-making at higher levels.
  9. Better management
  10. Teachmint eases information sharing between school admins and teachers. As they are connected, the school management process becomes effortless.
With Teachmint, schools and other educational institutions can build a safe and secure environment for teachers, parents, and students. Moreover, we help educational institutions build a strong communication culture.
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2) Can admins see the timeline of different messages?
3) What is the word limit for messages?
4) Can admins attach files and other documents to the message?
5) Can admins review the message before sending it?
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