What is an Institute ERP?
Institute ERP is software that streamlines the processes and administrative works in an educational organization. Educational institutes store and process a lot of information daily. Managing such enormous data files becomes burdensome for the institutes; therefore, they require an institute ERP software to ease the data handling and other administrative processes. With Teachmint, schools get an excellent way to streamline the administrative tasks and make themselves future-ready.
Need for Institute ERP
Through the institute management module, we try to provide the best software to educational institutes. It is designed to help schools, colleges, and other educational institutions automate their administrative and academic processes. School admins can use enterprise resource planning to run online and offline classes. They can quickly shift to a hybrid operating model with institute ERP. Furthermore, Teachmint provides classroom recording, admission management, fees management, and more features. Teachers can record live lectures for online and offline classes, automate redundant tasks and work more efficiently. The provision of such facilities provides an improved learning environment to the students.
Characteristics of Institute ERP
Institute ERPs offer a one-stop solution to educational institutes. The major characteristics of an institute management system are:
  1. Fee Management
  2. Avoid long queues at the fee counters by providing multiple fee payment options to parents.
  3. Exam Management
  4. Conduct online examinations and quizzes with exam management systems. Help your students attend scheduled examinations from anywhere.
  5. Admission Management
  6. Teachmint helps in managing admission-related processes. It automates the admission process so parents and students can avoid long queues at the admission counter.
  7. Attendance management
  8. Keep a track of teachers’ and students’ attendance with the attendance management system. Automate the attendance process to save your teachers’ time.
  9. Student Management
  10. Keep track of students’ activities and understand their performance with the student management system.
  11. Website Builder
  12. Build an impressive website for your institute using our website builder.
  13. Communication
  14. Communicate with all stakeholders at all levels. Improve transparency within the institute with our seamless communication module.
  15. Academic Management
  16. Automate the academic processes to save the time and efforts of your teachers.
Benefits of Institute ERP
  1. Internal control
  2. Administrators, school principals, and other stakeholders can efficiently manage the classroom and in-campus activities with institute ERP. They can have complete control over the ongoing processes. Enterprise resource planning software provides a unique dashboard to administrators and principals that they can use to see the happenings in the classrooms.
  3. Better Connectivity
  4. Scattered and unorganized workflow is a common problem in various educational institutions. Teachmint helps organize the workflow and improves productivity by bringing teachers, students, and administrators on the same portal. Moreover, the student management system helps schools understand the concerns of their students.
  5. Smart Management
  6. The need to remain connected with technology is real. The world needs technology at each step. These changes are also reflected in the educational sector. Future learners rely on technology and are adaptive to technological changes. They prefer online learning over the traditional classroom system. Institute ERP uses the latest technology to provide unhindered education to every learner.
  7. Aligned Reporting Management
  8. Increased paperwork is a huge problem for educational institutions. They need to maintain records of various data and this process consumes a lot of paper. Enterprise resource planning software can eliminate the use of papers and streamline the record management system.
  9. Key Analytics and Insights
  10. Enterprise resource planning software is enabled with a unique dashboard. This dashboard presents the data before school admins and principals in easy to understand format. The concerned authority can use this information to make crucial decisions.
With Teachmint, schools and colleges can ease the work of school management. Management can greatly rely on this software to streamline their functions and operations. They can increase their efficiency by implementing ERP software. Moreover, enterprise resource planning software can be logged in from various devices; including, mobile phones. As a result, the information is easily available within a few taps. In a nutshell, institute ERP is crucial to digitize the classrooms and make learning fun and interactive for students and teachers.
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