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Exams have always been an integral part of learning. Be it school or college exams, they test the ability of students to understand, learn, or grasp new information. Right from the school management, to teachers, and students, each one of them goes through various processes while conducting exams or appearing for them. These lengthy processes may consume an ample amount of time of the stakeholders, unnecessarily leading to wastage of time and inefficiency. However, a good exam planner is all that an institution needs to simplify the exam planning process. An exam planner is an automated system that helps the institutes create an exam calendar for the whole academic session. With Teachmint, an institution can plan, schedule, and even track the whole process in a few clicks. The platform covers various crucial aspects of exam planning.
Need of an Exam Planner
An exam planner is a must for all educational institutions in order to assure transparency and clarity to the stakeholders. The feature helps teachers, students, parents, etc. in avoiding the last-minute hassles. Students need to begin their preparation, teachers need to prepare the question papers, and the school management or admins need to make various arrangements in order to execute the whole process smoothly. Having an exam planner that helps the institution in managing all these processes smoothly is extremely helpful.
Characteristics of a Good Exam Planner
  1. Set up exam schedule
  2. With Teachmint, admins can create an exam schedule for the whole academic session. Rather than spending time and effort multiple times a year, the institutes can make an exam plan for the entire year in a few clicks. They can create the exam schedule for different classes and different subjects. In addition, Teachmint also offers an option to assign breaks to the students in between the exam.
  3. Quick evaluation
  4. Traditional evaluation can be a burdensome task for teachers. However, with Teachmint teachers can evaluate students’ exam sheets in a few clicks. With exam planner, teachers can keep a track of the pending test papers they need to evaluate. As soon as the students share their test papers, teachers can evaluate them and give them grades on the basis of their performance.
  5. Automated mark list
  6. In addition to evaluating the answer sheets, teachers can also create reports of the marks scored by the students. They can keep records of the marks scored by the students in each semester or session. The advanced features of Teachmint help the teachers as well as the management in tracking and evaluating students’ performance from time to time.
  7. Rank boards
  8. With Teachmint, the admins or teachers can also track the average performance of the students. Once the marks are evaluated & entered, a dashboard is generated that represents the average percentage of marks obtained by the students. Teachers or admins can further use the data to plan better for the future.
Benefits of an Exam Planner
  1. Admins
  2. Exam planner helps the admins in smart planning for their institute. With the help of Teachmint, the admins can create exam schedules, track and evaluate student performance, and more. Moreover, then can ensure the overall growth & development of the institute.
  3. Teacher
  4. Exam planner reduces the workload of the teachers and provides them a space to think about methods of improving student learning. With Teachmint, teachers can track the number of pending test papers for evaluation. They can further make an automated list of the marks obtained by the students. In addition, they can also prepare question papers in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  5. Students
  6. An exam planner is surely beneficial for the students as it helps them in planning their year and academics better. They can plan their learning strategy according to the exam schedule.
In a nutshell, Teachmint helps institutions in digitizing the exam planning process. The exam planner eliminates redundant tasks for the admins & teachers and simplifies the exam scheduling process. Download the app now.
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