What is an Attendance Management System?
An attendance management system is software that tracks attendance and attendance hours. It makes sure that the attendance time is tracked, there are breaks in between classes, there is time off, log in and log out, etc. An attendance management system prevents any type of error in the process of attendance tracking. It makes attendance management accurate and efficient.
Need for An Attendance Management System
Why would an attendance management system need to be used in schools? There might be a lot of questions that institutes might be having, but they will be solving problems that institutes didn’t even know were problems because they did not have awareness about them. There are a lot of reasons why you need an attendance management system and how you can make it count for your school, especially when running online classes.
  1. Saving Time for Teachers
  2. This is arguably the most immediate benefit of having an attendance management system. Teachers do not have to put in the extra effort to do roll calls in class and hence waste valuable time they can otherwise use to teach the students. In addition, teachers are also only human. They might make mistakes when marking the attendance, accidentally marking present students absent, because, in a paper-based system, there is always room for error. However, Teachmint can help eliminate all such problems.
  3. Better Compliance on The Side of The Students
  4. Since the attendance is monitored automatically, the students will not get a chance to argue with anyone because if they don’t do it themselves they will be marked absent. Of course, amends can be made by the teachers in case of genuine mistakes on the side of the student, but in general, this means that attendance management becomes so much easier than before. In addition to better compliance, the system will also foster soft skills such as punctuality in the students, as they will be accountable if they don’t do it. With Teachmint, attendance management is much easier for teachers and makes students more responsible as well in the process.
  5. Better Student Performance
  6. A paper-based attendance system can lead to inaccurate time reporting by students as well as on the part of the teachers in the form of plain human error. This is where Teachmint comes in. With Teachmint, tardiness and absenteeism can be combated with ease and veracity. Students may not find this appealing, but it would be for their own good. They will attend all the classes prescribed and as a result, will have better knowledge about what needs to be studied, what is important, and what the portions are for the exams with utmost clarity. It can also help boost your students’ performance manifold.
  7. Detailed Attendance Reports
  8. The detailed attendance reports of each and every student in the class can be accessed by the teacher at any given time. This can give an idea as to how a student is in school generally, how many classes they have missed, and how much their parents need to pay attention to. With Teachmint, it is possible to keep a track of attendance reports and keep students in check, and the teachers can keep track of trends when a student is taking leave on a regular basis.
Offline Attendance
Spending the first ten minutes taking student attendance is a tedious task. Moreover, teachers also need to calculate attendance percentage in their classes. Maintaining and calculating attendance percentage is time-consuming. With Teachmint, teachers can avoid all the inconvenience. They can get reports on students' attendance with our attendance module.
Why Teachmint?
Teachmint not only helps class teachers record attendance in offline mode, but it also provides reports on students’ attendance. As a result, they do not need to calculate the attendance percentage manually. With Teachmint, teachers can record attendance at the class level and see the trend in their classrooms. For example, they can understand the average classroom attendance along with the data on how many students are below the required attendance level. Teachmint offers class teachers the benefit of tracking attendance in a few clicks. This feature offers:
  1. Analytics
  2. Teachers and administrators can understand the class trend. Moreover, admins can see section-wise attendance and graphs on their dashboard. The dashboard also shows the overall attendance of a particular day to the admin. In addition, it mentions the classes where attendance is not marked.
  3. Reports
  4. Attendance reports can be downloaded from the dashboard. It would help class teachers and admins identify students having less than the minimum attendance percentage required in an academic session. Moreover, they can view the attendance report of individual students with Teachmint.
  5. Comparisons
  6. Teachers can compare the attendance on a week-on-week level. It will help them understand the classroom trend in attendance. Moreover, the data is provided in an easy-to-understand format.
Attendance management systems are essential for the smooth functioning of a school, especially as every aspect of education is moving online. With Teachmint, attendance management is not only easy but teachers and school staff do not have to put in the effort to track their students as well, and can instead focus on giving them the knowledge they came to school to learn.
What our client say about us
Mirza Tausif Ahmad
Principal, Vishal English School & Royal English School, Bangalore
“What makes Teachmint stand out is its cost-effectiveness, real-time notification alert system, seamless attendance management, accurate assessment tool - all at your disposal with minimal data usage.”
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