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School Management App

Get the best-in-class mobile app experience to digitize your school. Bring the next level of technology, design, and feature-rich school app suite and help your school go truly digital!

School Management App


Admin App

Keep a tab on all activities with the admin app. Monitor attendance, track student performance, and manage fees conveniently with the app. Improve the quality of education with insightful reports and analytics.

Teacher App

Create a go-to place for teachers to update important communication, schedules and resources. Help them access the classroom and student information backed up with insightful data and analytics with Teachmint School Management App.

Student App

Allow students to stay connected with teachers through the Chat feature. Help them access classroom recordings, homework, study materials, and test with Teachmint School App.


Connected Ecosystem

Stay connected with all stakeholders–students, parents, and teachers with the school management app. Improve parental engagement in the learning journey of your students. Keep parents engaged and informed to form a close-knit community. Allow teachers to record classroom actions and learning resources along with providing them with a hassle-free online teaching experience.

Real-time information access

Send information and updates in real-time with push notifications. Help all stakeholders stay updated with the latest school activities. Assist them in tracking attendance, viewing classroom schedules, connecting with teachers through chats, paying school fees conveniently, and knowing the real-time location of school buses with GPS tracking.


Offer flexibility to teachers with the school mobile app and help them access their teaching schedules on the go. Help them get classroom and student information, including the option to mark attendance, communicate with students through chats and notice boards, create timetables for classrooms, and plan the lessons precisely. Teachers can also create homework and tests within minutes, track students’ performance, and share study materials anytime, anywhere.

Better decision making

Admins can get access to information related to school activities through the Admin app. They get a detailed view of all the modules which helps them keep track of ongoing tasks. Keeping a tab on all activities helps them make quick and better decisions.

The school management app makes the task of managing ongoing activities easier for all stakeholders. Admins can keep a bird’s eye view of all activities, parents can stay on top of all updates, students can access study materials, homework, prepare for tests, and teachers can help their students learn anytime, anywhere.


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