Comprehensive School Structure
Managing a school is a laborious process, especially if the school is being operated and managed online. There are a lot of administrative blocks institutes can run into as a result of this. One of them is the proper organization of classes and divisions pertaining to them. Keeping track of each individual student is the top priority for any institution for their overall growth and success, and to do so, a proper organizational structure is vital. Teachmint provides a new and improved way of looking at structuring your school, making it easier to operate your school with full efficiency.
What Does it Do?
The Manage School feature basically allows school admins to take their existing school structure and revamp it. The administration can select what type of institution they are (for example, school, college, or coaching center), how many stages there are (Pre-primary, Primary level, Upper Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, and Senior Secondary) and how many divisions are there for each. By default, when the admin selects how many stages will be there, all the classes up to that category will be automatically created. For example, if the school only has classes up to Higher secondary, the admin can choose that as the option, as a result of which all the classes up to Higher Secondary (i.e. X Std.) will be created automatically with each class having 3 divisions A, B, and C. However, if the management wishes so, they can add or remove divisions as per their convenience and requirement. However, there are a lot more use cases for this feature, which are as given below.
  1. Easier Administration
  2. The primary function of this Manage School is the ease of administration it provides. When each division of each class is individually classified, it makes administration much easier because it is easier for them to single out a particular class or division in particular for the purpose of administration.
  3. Ease of Student Identification
  4. Boxing a group of students under a class and subdivision means that the administration will find it easier to identify the students according to their class. Searching for and pulling the details of the students can hence become easier and more convenient.
  5. Select Institute Type
  6. The Manage School feature allows administrators to select the type of institution they are, i.e. whether they are a school, college, or coaching center. This allows the administrators to make the classrooms more suitable for their needs.
  7. Add Extra Batches
  8. This is especially applicable to coaching centers because if a particular teacher wants to add an extra class, they can do so using the Manage School feature. For example, if a Maths teacher teaches 30 students in class M1, and 30 more suddenly enroll, the teacher might not be able to manage sixty students together and hence might decide to create an extra batch M2 for them, which can be done on the request of the teacher to the administrators. This can help the teacher focus on the students more as compared to a larger number of them, while also making it easier for students to focus.
  9. Assigning Class Teachers for Each Class
  10. The Manage School feature allows administrators to assign class teachers to each and every class. Likewise, they are also given the option to remove a teacher from a particular assigned class and replace them with someone else.
  11. Teacher’s Directory
  12. The admin will have a complete list of all the teachers in the school including which subjects they teach in which class as well as their contact details.
  13. Create Timetables for Each Class
  14. This is a feature created exclusively for teachers. The teacher will be able to create a timetable for the students using the Manage School feature which will be visible to the students, hence giving them a plan for the week and helping them plan for the week accordingly.
  15. Add Extra Classes in Schools
  16. This can apply in the case of a new school. For example, a school might have only classes up to the Secondary stage which is quite common in the case of new and upcoming schools. However, if the administration decides to add Higher Secondary under their belt as well, they can do so by simply adding new classes, and making use of the Manage School feature. This puts a lot of stress away from the administrators in terms of managing this part of the school. This is, in fact, so easy that it can be done by any administrator without the help of a programmer/developer.
Starting and running a school might seem hectic and cumbersome, but Teachmint makes things much easier. With this feature, all the features mentioned above become so easy that any layman can understand and implement them. The democratization of education is what we work towards, and this feature is one extra feature towards that goal.
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