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Exam Planner

Plan and schedule your entire exam series from start to finish with Teachmint’s elaborate Exam Planner!

Best Exam Planner


Schedule Your Exams With Ease

Schedule and plan the exams of each class to the date with little to no effort

View Results of Previous Exams

View the results of the exams that have already been conducted

Make Changes as Required

Make timely changes to the exam plan as and when required until the day of the exam


Highly Customizable

Teachmint’s Exam Planner feature allows school admins to make changes like the time and date of the exams as and when required by the stakeholders of the institution.

Automates the Process of Exam Planning

The exam planner helps school admins make scheduling exams for the entire school (or just certain classes) easier and more efficient.

Helps Schedule Exams at Any Time

The exam planner helps admins schedule and plan exams at any time without having to sit down and draft a detailed plan for the same from scratch.

View Results

Once the exam is over and the exam results have been published, teachers can view the class average, top scorers, and the marks of all the students who have attended the exam in the Exam Planner itself.

Planning exams is a detailed process and making sure everything goes according to plan is extremely important. This is not only so because of the ease of operation of the school but also because it makes sure that every student, teacher, and parent is on the same page regarding exam schedules. Therefore, having an exam study planner online is paramount, and is essential to the smooth functioning of any educational institution.


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What is the use of having an exam planner online?
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