What is School ERP?
School enterprise resource planning is software that helps schools allocate their resources more efficiently. Teachmint allows school administrators to see the big picture of their organization, including financials, personnel, and facilities. With Teachmint in place, a school can get an accurate look at its functioning, processes, and plan accordingly for the future. Schools don't have to worry about trying to integrate all of these functions on their own as Teachmint provides a one-stop solution for all their needs.
Why use School ERP?
Teachmint is a technology-enabled system that supports the organization's goals and strategies in an efficient and effective way. School ERP is a management system that connects all aspects of the school's operations. Teachmint provides tools for managing staff, students, tracking student attendance, and evaluating performance. Teachmint also ensures that each part of the school's operations runs smoothly without any unnecessary delays or bottlenecks. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can improve the efficiency of any school by streamlining the processes, hence, making the school smart. Teachmint also streamlines workflow and ensures that employees have access to the information whenever and wherever they need it. This can save time, effort, and money, as well as help the schools in providing better experiences to the students and all the other stakeholders.
Benefits of School ERP
  1. Fee Management
  2. Teachmint provides many benefits to various stakeholders like parents, schools, etc. They make it easier to keep track of fees and payments, which is especially helpful for parents who need to pay their child's fees. With Teachmint, institutions can get rid of the monthly manual work of invoices, receipts, fees, etc. The main benefit of a fee management system is that it saves time and paperwork while making sure the key personnel involved will have access to all relevant information at any given time.
  3. Exam Management
  4. Teachmint provides a safe and secure way of scheduling and administering exams. It has great benefits for both students as well as teachers. Students can access their schedule, prepare for the exams, access assignments, get instant feedback, and much more without having to go to the school or school administrator's office. Teachers are able to monitor student progress without being physically present in the classroom. Furthermore, there is one less place for paper to pile up and students won't have to worry about carrying around a heavy stack of test sheets or lead pencils when they're on the go. As a result, many schools are turning to online systems like ERP that provide the efficiency and convenience of exam management.
  5. Admission Management
  6. Teachmint offers an easy way to manage the admissions process in education. It can be used to create a database of students and their information, as well as update that information over time. The system also allows for student outreach, which might not be possible with traditional paper applications. For instance, the management can maintain an online record of all the important documents submitted by the students. They can also track the missing documents of the students within seconds. With Teachmint, it is easier for parents, students, and even admins to check the status of the students’ applications.
  7. Attendance Management
  8. Getting accurate and up-to-date information about the students' attendance is now extremely easy with Teachmint. It allows the important stakeholders to view the attendance records. This makes it easier for students to keep track of their schedule and plan out their last-minute schedule changes because they will be able to see how many hours they have left before the day ends.
  9. Student Management
  10. Teachmint allows teachers to offer online workshops, assess student progress in real-time, track attendance, communicate with parents more easily, and more. They allow teachers to offer online workshops, assess student progress in real-time, track attendance, communicate with parents more easily, and more. An online management system can also help eliminate paper clutter in the classroom by providing a digital copy of all of the documents that are currently being used. Online student management systems track student progress and grades. They can give students support in areas such as the classroom, online classes, and extracurriculars. These benefits make online student management systems the best asset for education.
School ERP makes school administration's job easier. This software may substantially assist management in streamlining their tasks and processes. They can help boost their productivity by utilizing ERP software. Furthermore, resource planning software may be accessed via a variety of devices, including mobile phones. The data is easily accessible within a few clicks. In a nutshell, school ERP is critical for digitizing classrooms and making learning more enjoyable and interactive for students and lecturers.
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Arun Lomsh
Director, Rishi Dayanand School, Ludhiana Punjab
“Teachmint services have helped us be future-ready. The seamless communication between teachers and students with the app has given us an unparalleled hybrid classes experience. We recommend Teachmint to other schools, to embrace the best of digital and offline learning practices”
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