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There is no getting around the fact that the face of education has changed over the years. Today, learning is not only about studying through textbooks and other physical resources. Gone are the days when students focused on their books and other physical resources to learn new concepts. Now, they have access to digital content through which they can enhance their knowledge. With Teachmint, schools can get access to 520+hours of digital content. Crafted by experts, the digital content will add value and quality. The content is available in Hindi and English and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
Keeping students engaged in the learning process may seem difficult for teachers and parents. As kids face issues concentrating, the process of learning becomes tiring and lengthy. Providing them with interesting and engaging content will help them be attentive to their studies. With Teachmint, students can be provided with animated videos on various topics. Moreover, admins get access to 9K+learning modules in Hindi and more than 10K+learning modules in English. With these resources, the learning process gets interesting, and students can learn anywhere, anytime. Ease the learning journey with Digital Content by Teachmint!
With Teachmint, schools can make studies fun and interactive for their students. The benefits of Teachmint’s digital content are:
  1. Curated content developed by experts
  2. Creating content that adds value is not an easy task. It requires effort and constant research. The digital content by Teachmint was developed over 24 months with the efforts of experts from more than 100+schools across the country. This well-researched content is sure to add a new dimension to the learning experience.
  3. Personalized content delivery
  4. The content is based on the universal learning principles framed by NCERT and NCF. Therefore, it covers all topics and provides a holistic learning experience to students. Moreover, Teachmint provides personalized content delivery in online and offline modes. With our LMS platform, teachers, admins, and students can access the content at home and in the classroom effortlessly.
  5. Bi-lingual content
  6. The learning modules are available in English and Hindi. Moreover, the topics are covered as texts and voice-over. It makes the topic easily understandable as students can choose to learn the subjects in their preferred language.
  7. Amazing animation
  8. Video content and animations have a deep impact on learning. It makes the topics easily approachable and understandable. Teachmint offers short, engaging, and animated video content to schools that can be used to enhance learning.
  9. Covers major NCERT topics
  10. Name any subject and its topics and get it all at a place with Teachmint. The digital content covers all NCERT topics in detail to provide ease to teachers and students. They can choose any topic of their interest to understand its concepts in detail. Get access to top-notch content developed by experts with Teachmint.
  11. Class, subject, and topic-wise categorization
  12. Be it math, science, or social studies-learn every concept in detail with Teachmint’s digital content. Find a class and topic-wise categorization to make the learning process easier for all. Improve student performance and help them understand topics clearly with our digital content.
  13. Easy to understand videos
  14. What is better than audio-visual content? With Teachmint get access to thousands of videos covering multiple topics. Learning was never this easy!
  15. Chapter-wise notes
  16. Making notes may seem difficult for many students. Moreover, they may forget to jot down important points. Avoid all those inconveniences with Teachmint’s digital content. Start reading with the chapter-wise notes available on our platform.
Choose the best and enrich the learning process with Teachmint’s digital content. Get access to chapter and topic-wise notes, animated videos, bilingual content, and much more!
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