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B.Ed Scholarships

The central/state governments of India grant B.Ed scholarships to B.Ed students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The B.Ed scholarships provide financial assistance to individuals pursuing educational professions in various courses. Deserving students will be awarded a scholarship of up to INR 50,000 and other benefits if… Read More »B.Ed Scholarships

Blended Words

A word that is a combination of two or more different words is known as a portmanteau or blended word. In the English language, blended words are formed by combining two or more words. It makes the language more interesting. Blended words can be found… Read More »Blended Words

Best Time to Study

What is the best time to study – this is a question that a lot of students ask when they are faced with the choice of choosing their preferred time of study. This can spiral into a serious issue when confronting some fundamental realities of… Read More »Best Time to Study


BFSc Full Form – Bachelor of Fisheries Science BFSc is a four year undergraduate degree program. The minimum eligibility criterion that a student has to achieve to get a seat in such fisheries colleges is that they must have passed the class 12 exam from… Read More »BFSc

Bridge Course

Bridge courses are quick courses that are intended to teach you the basics about a more advanced course or the course you wish to pursue. Bridge courses are very common these days. Most universities or colleges offer bridge courses to students to give the learners… Read More »Bridge Course


In the course of their academic careers, every student or researcher is bound to come across the term bibliography at some point. Every research paper would have a bibliography at the end of it. It is a list that gives information about the works that… Read More »Bibliography


In a world where recruiters and employers are looking for competent individuals, courses like BVoc plays a major role. Unlike, conventional courses, BVoc or Bachelor of Vocation is a skill-based course. By the end of the course, the students will be prepared for the job… Read More »BVoc


The Block Education Officer (BEO) deals with education at the Taluka or Block level or Cluster Resource Universities. The BEO’s main roles and responsibilities include administration, supervision, guidance, etc. of education at the level of Taluka. Teachers’ Recruitment Board handles the recruitment for BEO positions.… Read More »BEO