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BFSc Full Form – Bachelor of Fisheries Science

BFSc is a four year undergraduate degree program. The minimum eligibility criterion that a student has to achieve to get a seat in such fisheries colleges is that they must have passed the class 12 exam from a recognized school board or any other equivalent exit exam. Fisheries science can be defined as the academic study of the comprehension and management of fisheries. It is a multidisciplinary branch of science that has been developed to study and investigate fish processing, pisciculture and fishery resource management, fisheries environment, fishing technology and management, and fisheries extension.

Interested students can get admission to BFSc according to their performance in a relevant entrance exam, and following a round of interviews depending on the college to which the student applies. 

The average tuition fee for this course in India ranges between 5k to 2 lakhs for a span of 4 years. Candidates interested in studying aquatic life and want to pursue a career concentrating on a similar field or program. While this is not an extremely prominent course, it is less saturated. The course empowers the students to technically be qualified fisheries proficient with adequate abilities to oversee, create and conserve diversified fisheries resources in the country for food security and quality fish protein.

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