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Blended Words

A word that is a combination of two or more different words is known as a portmanteau or blended word. In the English language, blended words are formed by combining two or more words. It makes the language more interesting. Blended words can be found in many different languages and the most common ones are found in the English language.

Some of the interesting examples of blended words are smog, brunch, bromance, etc. These are some of the common words we use in our day-to-day conversations. Some blended words are made by fusing two distinct words; for instance, the term “toiletries” is a combination of “toilet” and “perfume”. Sometimes, these words are hard to find in the dictionary. 

The other kind of blended word is made by adding a prefix or suffix to an already existing word. For instance, the term “photobombed” is made by adding the suffix “-bombed” to the word “photograph.”

The beginning part of one word and the first part of another word are combined to create another type of blended word, which is less frequent than portmanteaus in English. Some of the examples of this type of blended word are:

 Costume+ Play = Cosplay

Modulator + Demodulator= Modem

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