Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a systematic classification of cognitive skills that facilitate teachers and students in the classroom. Benjamin Bloom invented the concept in 1956. He made this system in collaboration with Max Englehart, Edward Furst, Walter Hill, and David Krathwohl. They published a structure called… Read More »Bloom’s Taxonomy

Blended Learning

Blended learning is the merging of in-person teaching and online educational materials. It is the practice of using both elements (offline and online) for effective learning and experience. The physical presence of both the student and teacher is an essential part of this process. For… Read More »Blended Learning

Bilingual Learning

Bilinigual Learning Meaning The term bilingual learning refers to learning the educational content in two languages. One is a native language, and another is a secondary language. It is a medium of instruction for students and is also a part of the school curriculum. Bilingual… Read More »Bilingual Learning

Balanced Assessment

A Balanced Assessment system is a useful methodology that acts as the primary decision-maker for the teacher about whether the current student learning process is fair or needs improvement. A balanced assessment is an essential factor in student evaluation. The balanced assessment process is divided… Read More »Balanced Assessment

Backward Mapping

The backward mapping based courses focus on more practical knowledge and skills instead of theory (assignments). Backward mapping is a proven learning method that helps students excel in their careers better than traditional learning methods. Academic affairs ensure to include backward mapping in the classroom… Read More »Backward Mapping