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In a world where recruiters and employers are looking for competent individuals, courses like BVoc plays a major role. Unlike, conventional courses, BVoc or Bachelor of Vocation is a skill-based course. By the end of the course, the students will be prepared for the job as they acquire the skills to be employed in the course of time. Bachelor of Vocation is generally a three-year-long undergraduate course that can be pursued by students who want to land a job as soon as possible.

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BVoc opens door to a lot of opportunities and paves the way to build a career in various fields. For instance, health, food, and technology, IT, Manufacturing, hospitality, etc. BVoc is primarily for those who are focusing on attaining practical knowledge rather than gaining theoretical knowledge. Due to the same reason, it helps in the skill development of the learning and thereby improves their employability quotient. 

Eligibility Criteria for BVoc

The candidates must have completed their higher secondary education from a recognized board or must have completed a three-year diploma course. They must have acquired an aggregate of 50-60% minimum marks. 

Why BVoc?

  • After the completion of the course, students have a high possibility to attain a career of their own. 
  • They have a pool of options to choose from
  • Opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in their specific field.
  • Focuses mainly on practical knowledge in school
  • Scope for a better salary package.
  • Upper hand among other candidates.

If you wondering, what to pursue after your higher secondary education, BVoc would be an excellent choice. It gives you an opportunity to maximize your potential and choose a career path that suits your talent and liking.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology