Boustrophedon is a style of writing where alternate lines of writing are reversed, with letters also being written in reverse like when they are held in front of a mirror. This is in contrast with modern European languages, where lines always begin on the same… Read More »Boustrophedon

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is a subject that combines the concepts of economics and psychology to understand why human beings react or behave in a particular way. This concept of economics is different from neoclassical economics. In neoclassical economics, it is assumed that most people have well-defined… Read More »Behavioral Economics

Benchmark Meaning

Benchmark meaning Benchmark is a point of reference through which a thing is judged. It helps discover the potential and how anyone can improve their performance. The process of benchmarking is also crucial for schools as it allows them to compare their performance with other… Read More »Benchmark Meaning

Book Review

A book review is a part of literary criticism where a reviewer describes or analyses the book based on its writing style, content, and merit. It provides a glimpse into the content of the book. Candidates having an interest in literature reading and writing can… Read More »Book Review


BAM stands for Bachelor in Applied Mathematics. It is an interdisciplinary subject that uses mathematical equations and models to solve practical problems in the field of physical sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering, or business. Some of the major mathematics topics that are used in BAM… Read More »BAM

BAMS Full Form

BAMS Full Form BAMS full form is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It is a bachelor-level course where candidates explore the concept of Modern Medical Science as well as traditional medicine. BAMS full form which is the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is… Read More »BAMS Full Form

Back to Basics

Back to basics is an unofficial term used to describe traditional education or conventional education. Also sometimes known as customary education, it refers to long-established customs that society has been traditionally using in schools. Some types of education reform promote the adoption of progressive education… Read More »Back to Basics


Bachelor of Business Management is an undergraduate course that prepares students to take on job roles in the management sector. It is a three-year course that covers different subjects. The BBM course is offered by many colleges and universities, and its curriculum covers practical and… Read More »BBM


BA LLB stands for ‘bachelor of arts – bachelor of legislative law’. It is a 5 year integrated LLB program that candidates can pursue after the completion of 12th standard. BA LLB is a combination of law and humanities streams allowing candidates to study subjects… Read More »BA LLB

BARC Recruitment

Bhabha Atomic Research Center is among the most prestigious research institutes in India. This research institute aims to promote research on atomic and nuclear energy. Moreover, the institute supports new talent and keeps on updating its portal for the recruitment of individuals with fresh ideas… Read More »BARC Recruitment