BSc Full Form

BSc Full FormBSc Full Form is one the most asked questions on google and the question asking BSc full form is many times seen in the question paper of the competitive exams as well. Let’ know more about BSc full form, BSc stands for ‘Bachelors… Read More »BSc Full Form

BTC Full Form

BTC is one of the most searched words on Google in India. Before knowing BTC full form, let us first understand what BTC is. Basic Training Certificate is a two-year NCTE(National Council of Teacher Education, Government of India) recognized certificate program that enables the interested… Read More »BTC Full Form


Teaching is considered one of the noblest jobs in the world. It is one of the most valued professions as it helps shape the minds of students. Like most professions, teaching, particularly for primary or secondary classes, has its own degree requirement. B.Ed, short for… Read More »B.Ed

Best Part Time Jobs

There are plenty of part-time jobs that pay well. With the advancement of technology, the numbers have just increased. Part-time jobs are a great way to earn a little extra income. Students, graduates, and even professionals take up part-time jobs.  What are part-time jobs? Part-time… Read More »Best Part Time Jobs

Backward Design

Backward Design is a method of education in which the goals are identified before planning a lesson. It is that style of teaching in which the educator defines the final aim first and draws the structure or flowchart to reach the goal. As per the… Read More »Backward Design


Backchannel is an online conversation amongst the audience while a lecture or class is going on in the background. It is a common practice during an ongoing online class or event when students can discuss or raise queries on the topic. Backchannel is a digital… Read More »Backchannel


B.P.Ed stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. It is an undergraduate degree in sports, sports science, guidance, counselling and outdoor education. B.P.ed is a three years course which requires candidates to have eligibility criteria of 10+2. Students meeting the educational standard of a minimum of… Read More »B.P.Ed


The term BYOD is an abbreviation for Bring Your Own Device. It is a concept that concentrates more on the device than on the technology. It has a narrower purview. The devices include mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, tablets, and likewise.  BYOD is more about… Read More »BYOD


BYOT or Bring Your Own Technology refers to a policy that allows students and employees to get their own electronic devices to their educational institute and workplace. Students are better acquainted and proficient with their own technology devices than with the institution owned technology, making… Read More »BYOT