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PTZ Full Form

PTZ full form is pan, tilt, and zoom where pan means to rotate the camera, tilt means to move the lens up and down and Zoom to zoom in or out on a part of the image you’re trying to capture using the camera.  PTZ… Read More »PTZ Full Form

OPS Full Form

This is the age of technology, where the market is booming with innovations like virtual reality, cloud computing, and so much more. In EdTech too we see the influence of blended learning in all educational institutions. Be it online or offline, virtual reality and high-profile… Read More »OPS Full Form

OLED Full Form

OLED full form organic light emitting diodes is a kind of led (light emitting diodes) with an emissive electroluminescent layer. It is made of organic compounds. Organic light emitting diodes consist of a layer made of polymers which emit a red, green or blue light… Read More »OLED Full Form

XGA Full Form

In the world of display technology, where high-definition resolutions and widescreen formats dominate the landscape, there exists a stalwart standard that has stood the test of time: XGA full form is Extended Graphics Array. While it may not increase the pixel density of its more… Read More »XGA Full Form

USB Full Form

Introduction: USB full form is a Universal Serial Bus, it has revolutionized the way we connect and interact with electronic devices. Its versatility, reliability, and ease of use have made it a ubiquitous standard in the realm of technology. This article explores the unknown advantages… Read More »USB Full Form

UPS Full Form

Uninterrupted power supply or UPS full form is a concept that is on the rise in classrooms these days. The uninterrupted power supply is a device that enables a computer to keep running when the incoming power is interrupted. It is a source of power… Read More »UPS Full Form

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology