UP Scholarship

The UP government is trying their best to improve the education system of UP. In order to provide good quality education to all the students without any discrimination on the basis of caste, color, and gender they are providing up scholarship to do this. The… Read More »UP Scholarship

MP Higher Education

MP Higher Education MP higher education is of very good quality, students are provided with good quality education. The government of MP is trying to improve MP higher education. How to improve the quality of MP higher education in the context of economic growth and globalization… Read More »MP Higher Education

CBSE Online Training

CBSE Online Training CBSE is providing free CBSE online training for all the teachers to improve their teaching skills and helps teachers understand how to improve teaching and achieve learning outcomes. The CBSE online Training Program is completely free and teachers do not have to pay… Read More »CBSE Online Training

School Manager

School Manager School Manager is someone who takes care of the day to day functioning of the activities that happen within a school. The responsibilities of such individuals includes tasks like taking care of the funds, making sure that everything runs smoothly, ensuring discipline in… Read More »School Manager