Biology Lab

A biology lab is a laboratory that is dedicated to conducting experiments specifically in the field of biology. A biology lab is mostly seen in schools and other educational institutions specifically for the purposes of conducting experiments in biology and the observation of biological phenomena. … Read More »Biology Lab

BID Full Form

BID Full Form  BID Full Form is Bachelor in Interior Design. Bachelor of Interior Design or BA Interior Design is an advanced stream of Architectural course outline. It involves the construction, designing, and maintenance of space management and housing skills. This degree is based completely… Read More »BID Full Form

Bangalore University

Bangalore University is one of the prominent universities in the state of Karnataka. It is a public state university situated in Mysore Road, Bangalore. The university is accredited by NAAC and got a grade A in 2016 under the new system of colleges grading. The… Read More »Bangalore University

Binary Number

A binary number is a number that can be expressed in the base-2 numeral system or binary numeral system. It is a method of mathematical expression that uses only two symbols: typically zero and one. The base-2 numeral system can be defined as a positional… Read More »Binary Number

Boolean Algebra

In the field of mathematics and in mathematical logic, Boolean algebra is defined as the branch of algebra where the values of the variables are the truth values ‘true’ and ‘false’, typically denoted by 1 and 0, respectively. Instead of elementary algebra, where numbers are… Read More »Boolean Algebra


Boustrophedon is a style of writing where alternate lines of writing are reversed, with letters also being written in reverse like when they are held in front of a mirror. This is in contrast with modern European languages, where lines always begin on the same… Read More »Boustrophedon

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is a subject that combines the concepts of economics and psychology to understand why human beings react or behave in a particular way. This concept of economics is different from neoclassical economics. In neoclassical economics, it is assumed that most people have well-defined… Read More »Behavioral Economics

Benchmark Meaning

Benchmark meaning Benchmark is a point of reference through which a thing is judged. It helps discover the potential and how anyone can improve your performance. The process of benchmarking is also crucial for schools as it allows them to compare their performance with other… Read More »Benchmark Meaning

Book Review

A book review is a part of literary criticism where a reviewer describes or analyses the book based on its writing style, content, and merit. It provides a glimpse into the content of the book. Candidates having an interest in literature reading and writing can… Read More »Book Review