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VLE stands for the virtual learning environment. A virtual learning environment is an online-based platform that enables students and teachers to interact and enhance the learning process. It is not meant to replicate the physical classroom; it is supposed to facilitate the in-class learning experience… Read More »VLE

Visual Learning

Visual learning refers to the learning strategy technique, which includes colorful images such as videography or bright pictures. Visual learning has proved to be one of the most effective learning methods adopted by teachers. The main aim of visual learning is to make learning more… Read More »Visual Learning

Visual Aids

Visual aids refer to teaching methods with infographic content such as color charts, icons, pictures, graphs, posters, videos, etc. Visual aids are flexible learning methods that help the students connect the book’s content with the visuals they see. Visual aids make it easier for students… Read More »Visual Aids

Vision Statement

The vision statement for education refers to a school or other educational institute’s outline statement of public declaration describing their future goals, purpose, or mission. It is an expression of the school’s future reality by declaring their practical commitments which a school believes are needed… Read More »Vision Statement

Virtual Learning Environment

The virtual learning environment is an educational technology which is a web-based platform helping in providing digital aspects such as the courses of study, usually within many professional educational institutes. It covers all the reading and informational resources. Many classroom activities are held in the… Read More »Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning refers to learning through computers and the internet,  inside as well as outside the facilities provided by the educational organization. The instructions are provided by the teachers in an online environment for their students. Virtual learning enhances the creative thinking of students. This… Read More »Virtual Learning

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are online learning spaces that take into consideration live collaboration between the teacher and the students. In this online session, students are provided with the course, homework, tests, assignments online. This is another way of carrying out the activities in the classroom by engaging… Read More »Virtual Classrooms

Value-Added Learning

The term value-added learning is usually known to evaluate and assess the teacher based on the student’s performance. This authentic assessment is done by comparing the scores of the previous year of the student with the present ones.  Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint… Read More »Value-Added Learning


Valedictorian is the title that denotes the success of the student with the highest rank in graduation. It is mainly followed in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Armenia and Greece. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the parent app… Read More »Valedictorian