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Valedictorian is the title that denotes the success of the student with the highest rank in graduation. It is mainly followed in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Armenia and Greece.

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In simpler words, a valedictorian is someone with high order learning skills. He/She is the one having achieved the highest rank in the class with his/her critical thinking. It is a term of traditional usage. 

Generally, the valedictory speech is considered as the final speech before the farewell. Thereafter the students receive their degrees and disperse. There are also many variants of this term.

In Australia, the term is generally conferred to someone who has significantly contributed to the school. This is possible through proper cognitive load management. He/She is often given the honor of a leader.

The chosen one is given a gold medal and a certified CTET degree of academic success conferring his title. There are also many controversies surrounding this due to sudden changes. 

Despite the competition, this tradition has been followed across the world quite ceremoniously. Even coaching centers follow it. According to a study, valedictorians are likely to excel at the global level as well.

The challenges of logical thinking are creatively sorted by them. This may include variables of passion and adaptability to the facilities. However, there is a great demand for these individuals by hiring institutions across the globe. 

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