Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an online video meeting that happens live via a video call through the video-enabled devices and the Internet. Students & teachers sitting across different places in the world are able to connect, share their ideas, discuss the subject related queries, connect with… Read More »Video Conferencing

Video Classes

Video Classes are classrooms on an online platform that takes place via the internet. Lectures/classes can be pre-recorded by the teacher or lecturer, and the students can view the teaching through their individual devices (laptops, computers or smartphones, etc.) In this virtual setup, the students… Read More »Video Classes

Vocational Education

Vocational education is that education that prepares students for working in a particular craft, or profession like engineering, accounting, medical, nursing, architecture, or law, etc. It implies getting trained for a specific job or career. It involves the use of both theoretical and practical approaches… Read More »Vocational Education


VYAPAM stands for Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal. It is the acronym for the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB). It is an autonomous and self-financed body incorporated by the state government of Madhya Pradesh. VYAPAM is responsible for conducting a wide range of professional entrance tests… Read More »VYAPAM

Virtual Classroom Software

A virtual classroom is a type of classroom that allows for an online learning environment and encourages live real-time interactions between faculty and students. The technology has now become a part of the broader learning management. Virtual classroom software aims at creating online courses and… Read More »Virtual Classroom Software

Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is a shared online space or a system for live interaction between students and teachers. Both the parties work together simultaneously with the interactions taking place through online video conferencing. The educator plays the role of a moderator who guides the students… Read More »Virtual Classroom

Virtual Class Meaning

Virtual class meaning-it is an online mode of learning, similar to a physical classroom, where the learning takes place online. Internet-based learning happens in a virtual classroom where the knowledge is shared and the learning takes place. The students can actively participate in the class… Read More »Virtual Class Meaning

Vice Provost Academic

Provost refers to the Chief Academic Officer of an institution. A Vice Provost Academic is a title that is given to someone who is in charge of planning, leading, and implementing all the major academic activities for all other faculty members. This person is also… Read More »Vice Provost Academic

VR in Teaching

VR in Teaching stands for virtual reality in teaching. VR in Teaching has the power to act as a bridge between teachers and students in both virtual classrooms, as well as physical classes. Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that can transfer an individual into… Read More »VR in Teaching