Virtual Learning Environment

The virtual learning environment is an educational technology which is a web-based platform helping in providing digital aspects such as the courses of study, usually within many professional educational institutes. It covers all the reading and informational resources. Many classroom activities are held in the virtual environment. 

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Example- In a virtual environment, one makes use of the blackboard to teach to their students. The classes are held online where students from around the different cities are involved in the discussion. 

In the virtual environment, many scholars are engaged in learning and improving their skills. The core functions of such an environment include planning, management of lessons, and other activities. Students are easily able to access digital learning materials such as texts, videos, images, podcasts, etc. By making use of the virtual learning software, one is able to track the performances of their students and provide quick feedback.

Many business schools are also taking part in this virtual environment. Students who want to pursue their post-graduation degree such as M.B.A can take it online, and this provides them with the benefit of freedom of study. A virtual learning environment helps in overcoming the challenges and implementing collaboration. Such an environment builds strong relationships, enhances the e-learning experience, and uses various technologies for the same. 

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