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Value of Education

The value of education is very high, values-based education places special emphasis on personal development to shape the future and handle difficult situations with ease. It helps children adapt to changing circumstances by effectively achieving their social, ethical, and democratic goals. Understand and digitize school… Read More »Value of Education

Value Education

Value Education is a subject that is taught to the students in their early school days. Since the students are in a growing age and they are just in a process of learning new things and developing habits, they are taught this subject. Value Education… Read More »Value Education


The vice principal of a school is the assistant computer education manager who manages the school activities. The primary responsibility of the vice principal is to assist the school principal in daily administrative tasks. They may be the only staff member with this ability, or… Read More »Vice-Principal


What is VAK? It is an old teaching method that was introduced in the 1920s, but it is still quite effective. VAK is one of those teaching strategies, where the educator divides the learners into three categories: visual, audio, and kinesthetic. The teacher has to… Read More »VAK

Virtual Schooling

Virtual schooling is also known by many other names like online learning, online education, distance learning, and many more. Virtual schooling has turned out to be the best way of schooling, students can learn new concepts from their home, they no need to go anywhere.… Read More »Virtual Schooling

VLE Full Form

VLE Full Form A lot of people ask for the VLE Full Form and it is one of the most asked questions on the internet. VLE stands for the virtual learning environment. A virtual learning environment is an online-based platform that enables students and teachers… Read More »VLE Full Form

Visioning Process

Visioning Process  The visioning process is a process that results in a comprehensive long-term planning tool for a school or a district. A vision for learning helps teachers and school leaders to create a unified set of values and beliefs which drive the development of… Read More »Visioning Process

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an online video meeting that happens live via a video call through the video-enabled devices and the Internet. Students & teachers sitting across different places in the world are able to connect, share their ideas, discuss the subject related queries, connect with… Read More »Video Conferencing