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VLE stands for the virtual learning environment. A virtual learning environment is an online-based platform that enables students and teachers to interact and enhance the learning process. It is not meant to replicate the physical classroom; it is supposed to facilitate the in-class learning experience for the students through technology. For example, giving polls, quizzes, digital communication, etc. are some features. 

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Virtual learning environments are meant to foster active learning in real-time. Digital communication and interaction, creating, storing, and sharing data, planning courses and curriculums, and following up through the course study are all the primary aims of a VLE. Students can access it by merely logging into a learning management system (LMS) by sitting at their homes. This system is tech-savvy and enables the VLE for students in a single click.

They can do their homework, follow schedules and deadlines, submit online assignments and participate in class discussions through this system. It helps the teachers and staff manage a huge set of daily tasks like class administration, planning lessons, and setting projects, assessing exams, etc. It benefits the students by allowing them self-paced learning and improving and adapting various new skills.  It is a boon for both teachers and students alike.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology