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Visual Learning

Visual learning refers to the learning strategy technique, which includes colorful images such as videography or bright pictures. Visual learning has proved to be one of the most effective learning methods adopted by teachers. The main aim of visual learning is to make learning more real, exciting, and impactful for the learners. A textual description of a subject can be tough to comprehend. A video presentation or a pictorial story can make the subject more interesting because the visuals help to learn on multiple levels, such as videography.

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Studies have shown that every hour a human eye can register about thirty-six thousand visual messages, and visuals are processed sixty thousand times faster than text. Therefore, this type of virtual learning simplifies the difficulty of understanding text language and helps the students connect with the subject more closely. An online education platform is a plethora of visuals, captivating images, colourful infographic, and engaging videos that help and motivate the students to understand better. Visual learning forms a strong impact and lasting memories in students.

For example, a person quickly learns how to fix the car batteries by a video class, rather than reading or via audio guidance. Video class presents the real situation, which helps the learners to understand better.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology