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Vision Statement

The vision statement for education refers to a school or other educational institute’s outline statement of public declaration describing their future goals, purpose, or mission. It is an expression of the school’s future reality by declaring their practical commitments which a school believes are needed to achieve their vision. The main goal of a vision statement of education is providing academic and other operational commitment to the school students and community for future betterment. 

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The vision statement results from the collective support and collaboration of students, teachers, education trust members, and parents throughout the academic year. It reflects the school educational values and its objective. By creating a vision, the school provides a general understanding to the community about the school’s future timeline. Thus, it helps the school to focus more on its academic — educational values by setting the operational strategies and learning goals

For example, the importance of having a school’s clear vision is to help the parents or the community in decision making about their children’s education and having a clear purpose about how the school will operate, which changes the school will be undergoing throughout the academic year, roles of teachers, etc. It also helps the school to navigate through significant matters that help in reaching the set vision.

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