Unofficial Withdrawal

The term unofficial withdrawal refers to the absenteeism of the student in academic affairs. The student informally stops participation in classroom activities and learning programs. Absenteeism without any notice can be regarded as a formal termination of the student from the curriculum.  Every educational institute… Read More »Unofficial Withdrawal

University Extension

University extension is a program offered to adults who are not full-time students. The university prepares a course catalog for learning and developing skills in adults. The majority of the adults enrolling in these programs are either working class or old adults who want to… Read More »University Extension

University Convocation

The university convocation ceremony is conducted to award degrees and other academic achievement in the academies. The students from various courses join the event to receive their degrees and certificates from the higher authorities. The convocation ceremony is slightly different from the university commencement program.… Read More »University Convocation

University Commencement

University commencement is a program in which degrees are awarded to the graduating students. The university offers courses and degrees to college students, UGC students, post-graduates, students of professional courses, and PhD students.  The University commencement program consists of certificate distribution by the head authorities… Read More »University Commencement


Universities are institutes for higher learning. They grant education for graduation, postgraduate, and Ph.D. The university consists of colleges and boards which are affiliated with it. Universities are the highest learning platform and provide various opportunities to the students. While some universities are popular in… Read More »University


UEE stands for the University of Elementary Education, emphasising the need for quality education for every individual. UEE focuses on providing quality education and asserts it as a primary goal to be achieved. The founding fathers of the constitution believed the development of the nation… Read More »UEE


Understudy in terms of opera and theatre is defined as a substitute to a regular performer when the lead is unable to perform. In general, it is replacing the trained person with another skilled person to perform the task. It is normal for teachers to keep… Read More »Understudy


UNICEF( United Nations Children’s Fund) is a government organization that looks after children’s needs and provides services for their welfare and development. Having its presence in 192 countries and territories, it is regarded as one of the famous and recognized organizations that works for the… Read More »UNICEF


UGC or the University Grants Commission is a statutory body established by the Indian government in the year 1953, in conformity with the UGC Act 1956. The statutory organization falls under the ministry of the education department.  The objective of University Grants Commission is to… Read More »UGC

Understanding by Design

Understanding by design is a model that focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of core concepts. This framework is created by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. It is typically a type of teaching method that aids students in transferring the acquired knowledge and skills. Some proven… Read More »Understanding by Design