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Unofficial Withdrawal

The term unofficial withdrawal refers to the absenteeism of the student in academic affairs. The student informally stops participation in classroom activities and learning programs. Absenteeism without any notice can be regarded as a formal termination of the student from the curriculum. 

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Every educational institute has pre-decided standards in their rules and regulations concerning the time period in which a student can take leave without informing. The institute delivers a notice on the address provided by the student. 

If the student does not respond, then after a fixed period, it is regarded as an unofficial withdrawal of the student from the undergraduate course. Students may withdraw from a class due to many reasons. The absence of financial aid and other help is a common reason for the unofficial withdrawal of the student. 

In middle school, graduate or high professional level courses, every institute requires a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject paper. The classroom assessment tests also play a major role in deciding the continuity of the student in the class. 

At the end of each term, the attendance is checked and only the students who clear the attendance criteria are eligible to sit for the main exams. The same is with the certificate course programs. The fulfilment of the attendance criteria is important to get the certificate of the program completion. 

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