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University Commencement

University commencement is a program in which degrees are awarded to the graduating students. The university offers courses and degrees to college students, UGC students, post-graduates, students of professional courses, and PhD students. 

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The University commencement program consists of certificate distribution by the head authorities and degrees. The award holder students continue the program with their commencement speech. 

The university commencement ceremony is conducted combinedly for all the students. Various colleges and institutes affiliated to the university join the program to receive the degrees and certificates.

The professional course students and learners types completing the vocational training and apprenticeship from the university are also awarded their degrees and certificates. This celebratory ceremony is joined by various other annual celebrations such as presidential procession, alumni meets, president dinner, etc. 

The commencement program is conducted formally where all the students come uniformed with their family and friends. It is a moment of pride and celebration for all. The meritorious students are awarded with certificates and scholarships of teaching and learning. 

The university commencement program aims to types of motivate and deliver the message of the importance of higher learning in society. Various measures and significant decisions are made in the formal meetings and events in the commencement program.  

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