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University Extension

University extension is a program offered to adults who are not full-time students. The university prepares a course catalog for learning and developing skills in adults. The majority of the adults enrolling in these programs are either working class or old adults who want to continue their education. 

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Many students start their corporate life at a very early age. The busy lives and hectic schedules make it impossible for them to enrol as a full-time student. The university extension program aims at developing skills and knowledge level of working professionals and educationists. 

The extension program has many certificates and diploma courses for imparting higher learning and developing knowledge in students. The senior adults are generally from different backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, the university extension program is designed in a suitable manner to provide multicultural education

The instruction methodology used with extension courses include lectures, group discussions, assignments, research works, and workshops. One of the most important advantages of the university extension program is that women are given the opportunity to continue their studies. 

The importance of higher learning, development of skill and knowledge can be determined by the increasing attendance in the batches. The extension program helped in increasing the level of academic literacy in the country. 

Many PhD holders, scholars, and educationists also enrol for the university extension program to live their dream of learning and teaching.

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