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Universities are institutes for higher learning. They grant education for graduation, postgraduate, and Ph.D. The university consists of colleges and boards which are affiliated with it.

Universities are the highest learning platform and provide various opportunities to the students. While some universities are popular in a country or a specific location, others are well-known worldwide.

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Many people get confused between a college and universities. Both terms are different and not interchangeable. Universities are an umbrella term and comprises colleges and other affiliated educational institutions.

Whether the college, graduate school, or an institute is private or government, all have to be affiliated to the university. The establishment of universities can be public or private. 

Every university has its pre-set teaching methodologies and working norms. All the colleges, institutes, and certificate associations affiliated with the universities have to abide by the rules and regulations of the universities. 

The curriculum has fixed norms and standards. The vocational training, apprenticeship training, diploma courses, and other certifications are commonly affiliated to a university. 

The universities provide professional degrees to the students. The different types of courses help students in better learning. The enrolled students are provided with financial aid and other benefits in case of need. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology