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Uses of Concave Mirror

Uses of Concave Mirror  There are several uses of concave mirror in daily life. The reflecting texture of a concave mirror is also learned as a converging mirror, bends inwards, away from the occurrence light. Concave mirrors are helpful in a variety of situations. Uses… Read More »Uses of Concave Mirror

Uses of Convex Mirror

Uses of Convex Mirror What is a convex mirror?  A convex mirror has an indicating surface that is spherical with a prominent side that faces the inception of light. Convex mirrors, often known as fish-eye mirrors by car fanatics and radiating mirrors by physicists, have… Read More »Uses of Convex Mirror

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning What is unsupervised learning and what are the benefits or advantages of the same? These are some of the most asked questions on the internet. Many individuals have queries about the same. This article is sure to answer all the questions that the… Read More »Unsupervised Learning


UBSEAll the students of Uttarakhand must have heard about UBSE. All the students should have good knowledge about this agency who provides all the information about different courses of instructions. UBSE is also responsible for prescribing the textbooks that should be used by schools in… Read More »UBSE


UP BEdStudents of Uttar Pradesh should know about up bed. After school, students would be confused about how to do up bed. Students should know about the admission process and eligibility criteria for up bed. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features… Read More »UP BEd


UPHESC Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission or we can say UPHESC is something every student of Uttar Pradesh must have heard. UPHESC is a corporate body that works for higher education services in Uttar Pradesh. In 1982 UPHESC started operating, it has six members… Read More »UPHESC

UP Scholarship

The UP government is trying their best to improve the education system of UP. In order to provide good quality education to all the students without any discrimination on the basis of caste, color, and gender they are providing up scholarship to do this. The… Read More »UP Scholarship

Uses of a convex lens

Convex lenses, also known as converging lenses or positive lenses, are thicker in the middle. Rays of light passing through a convex lens are focused or drawn near. There are various uses of convex lens such as in microscopes, magnifiers, cameras, presbyopia correction, etc. A… Read More »Uses of a convex lens

महाविद्यालय – University

महाविद्यालय महाविद्यालय is one of the most searched words on the internet. महाविद्यालय is known as ‘University’ in English. Universities are institutes for higher learning. They grant education for graduation, postgraduate, and Ph.D. The university consists of colleges and boards which are affiliated with it.… Read More »महाविद्यालय – University

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