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University Convocation

The university convocation ceremony is conducted to award degrees and another academic achievement in the academies. The students from various courses join the event to receive their degrees and certificates from the higher authorities.

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The convocation ceremony is slightly different from the university commencement program. The convocations can be organised at school, college, graduate school level also. The convocation ceremony is a bi-annual program that is similar to a farewell ceremony.

The convocation program includes the formal gathering of the past students and students of the current batch. The alumni and higher education authorities are also welcomed to motivate students for their future endeavors. 

The event can be organised with the annual meets and events. The 3-day function or a week’s program is a common way of celebrating. The university convocation also has a pre-decided theme to discuss and inform about the seriousness of the trending economic, social, and global issues. 

These high spirited celebrations and programs motivate people to further go for higher learning programs. The teachers, lecturers, staff, peers, family, and friends all join the ceremony to make the moment more special for the students. 

The pictures and memories built on the last day of convocation are embraced throughout an individual’s life. 

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