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BCE Full Form

BCE full form is Bachelor of Civil Engineering. It is a four-year course that provides engineering knowledge to students. It is an undergraduate course that deals with the construction, design, and maintenance of architectural structures. In addition, this engineering stream is also related to the construction and maintenance of bridges, tunnels, airports, roads, and other structures. After completing BCE, students can serve as engineers, land surveyors, construction supervisors, and managers at construction sites.

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To get admission into colleges or universities providing this course, students need to score at least 50% marks in their 12th board examinations. Also, they must have chosen physics, chemistry, and mathematics during that period. To get admission to recognized engineering institutions after BCE, students need to appear for the entrance exam conducted by those institutions. Also, they need to appear for counseling sessions to get admission to some of the prestigious and well-recognized colleges offering this course. To know about the admission procedure, students can refer to the official website of institutes offering this course. In addition, they can appear for the JEE Mains test to get admission to IITs and NITs. Every year, lakhs of students apply for the JEE exam to secure a seat in IITs and NITs. 

Another BCE full form is Before Common Era. It is a notation for the Gregorian calendar and denotes the years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The term BCE has been in use for a long time and is majorly used by Jewish academics. Students should be aware of both BCE full form. They must learn that this term is associated with both engineering and the Gregorian calendar. 

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