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Biology Lab

A biology lab is a laboratory that is dedicated to conducting experiments specifically in the field of biology. A biology lab is mostly seen in schools and other educational institutions specifically for the purposes of conducting experiments in biology and the observation of biological phenomena. 

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A typical Biology lab has benches, generally with a sink, reagent rack, and water faucet. These lab benches may also have base cabinets to store apparatus and similar glassware. Special cabinets are used to mainly store chemicals. The benches are fitted with water and gas connections so that the students can conduct experiments. Other than these, a first aid kit, safety chart, fire extinguisher, and a table for the teacher are all necessary requirements.

Here is some must-have equipment in a biology laboratory.

  • Microscope – To see things smaller than 0.2mm, microscopes need to be used. It uses high-powered lenses and needs a light source. This could be natural light or fluorescent lamps. 
  • Slide – A slide is a flat rectangular piece of glass and is primarily used in the observation of microscopic specimens under a microscope. 
  • Petri Dish – A petri dish is a shallow cylindrical glass dish with a loose-fitting cover that is used when samples need to be grown before they can be identified. What this means is that it is used in culturing. To culture a sample, a petri dish that contains a culture medium is smeared or inoculated and pressed onto the medium.
  • Watch Glass – A watch glass is a round concave piece of glass that can hold a small amount of liquid or solid. It is used as a platform for evaporating liquid and can function as a cover for a beaker.
  • Dyes – These are colouring agents that provide colour to the structures of a cell, helping in easy viewing under a microscope. In some cases, they can even make structures that are invisible under visible light visible. Some common stains include iodine and methylene blue.

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