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BSc Forensic Science

BSc Forensic Science is a three-year undergraduate program that offers scientific knowledge to students with the help of investigation in science. The knowledge analysis area for this field of study is vast and different. It can be anything from blood stains and fingerprints to recovering data from mobiles, laptops, and even DNA profiling. 

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The students who are interested in pursuing a career in B Sc Forensic Science must possess certain skills like

However, this raises an important question – why study BSc Forensic Science? If a student has an interest in solving the intricate problems of crime via scientific means, they should opt for this course. B Sc Forensic Science is closely related to law and justice. Forensic tests that are conducted by forensic experts act as proof and hence in many cases, it saves the life of innocents. The BSc Forensic Science course improves the inherent detective ability of a person and can help them think from various perspectives with strong analytical and observation skills. 

Proper analysis is absolutely essential for the correct forensic tests which can be done not only by means of observation but also with improved technical skills. Candidates who have studied physics and mathematics in their high school level curriculum are eligible for this course.

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