Accelerated Learning

It requires immense collaboration for the learning process to speed up. This type of Learning also involves students immersing themselves entirely in their work to learn better. Literature students being asked to write their own stories or Filmmaking students making their own films can be… Read More »Accelerated Learning


The term Academician refers to a full-time member of a literary, artistic, or scientific academy. It is an honorary title in many countries and comes with significant prestige. The academies involved usually hold a great influence on national scientific life. As a title, Academician grants… Read More »Academician

Academic Rigor

The term Academic Rigor refers to setting high standards for the students. It is the fine line between challenging and frustrating students and is set by professors and administrators as a benchmark for their students. These standards are communicated to students using instruction, examples, and… Read More »Academic Rigor

Academic Press

Academic Press is a publishing house that’s mostly related to a post-education institution. The press specializes in scholarly work publication that includes journals or monographs. Much of this scholarly work is authored or co-authored by faculty members. University Press is an integral part of large… Read More »Academic Press

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous Learning is a type of learning that defines education as not being restricted to time and space. It provides content for learning online, via email, Wiki, or other electronic mediums. The students can access this information or content whenever and wherever they can. Asynchronous… Read More »Asynchronous Learning


Assignments are the tasks given to students by their teachers and tutors to complete in a defined time. They can also be referred to as the work given to someone as a part of learning. Assignments can be in the form of written, practical, art… Read More »Assignments

Associate Professor

Associate Professor is the academic designation for an individual with a rank just below Professor. They are research and academic professionals, who besides teaching students, serve on the committee as well.  An Associate Professor writes journals, thesis and case studies during his/her tenure in the… Read More »Associate Professor

Asynchronous Institution

Asynchronous Institution is a type of education centre that provides a self-paced, virtual interactive or pre-recorded learning session. These institutions are not space restricted or time restricted.  Individuals can study and attend lectures whenever and wherever. It also gives you the liberty to move to… Read More »Asynchronous Institution

Alternative Education

Alternative education is the practice that focuses on open learning structure and individual growth of students within the learning environment. It is commonly known as the non-traditional method of learning, and differs from the conventional school where children study in groups. It includes a different… Read More »Alternative Education


Andragogy refers to the practices and methods adopted for educating adults. The fundamental aspect of this education is to involve adults in the institution as an asset. It builds a structure that includes self-evaluation, expanding existing knowledge and problem-solving approach.  Andragogy is an area of… Read More »Andragogy